Krebs brings new levels of hydraulic efficiency in slurry applications

1st February 2019

The Krebs slurryMAX range of slurry pumps from global minerals process specialist FLSmidth has brought new levels of hydraulic efficiency to Africa’s slurry operations.

Offered with a range of material options for liners and impellers, the slurryMAX handles most plant applications across various industries. Its design is based on the success of FLSmidth’s millMax range of pumps, whose wear ring technology has created an efficient and durable slurry pump.

The slurryMAX features an improved, more efficient impeller and an optional water drain plug for easier maintenance, allowing water that might have settled at the bottom of the pump to be quickly drained.

In the slurryMAX 8 × 6 pump and larger units, a simple removable suction liner assembly allows for easy inspection of the internal components, as well as the replacement of the impeller without removing the discharge pipe. In addition, the volute liner has an integrated back liner that bolts securely to the outer drive side-casing. This makes for easier and hands-free assembly, improving the safety aspects of the pump. Maintenance crews will also appreciate the easy-to-use lifting jig, for faster and safer rebuilds.

Other models in the slurryMAX range include the XD version for aggressive applications, boasting thick elastomer liners and a heavy-duty impeller for extended wear life. The slurryMAX HP is the high-pressure version of this model, and is designed for multistage high pressure pumping systems. Featuring a high pressure outer casing, the slurryMAX HP uses all the same wear-resistant parts as the XD, giving consistent performance and long life.

Also in the range is the slurryMAX XHP, which enables customers to design pumping systems with more stages and a higher final discharge pressure. The XHP uses the same wear parts as its HD and XD counterparts, but with an even more robust outer casing than the HP version.