Kirton Mechanical Equipment

29th January 2016

Kirton Mechanical Equipment

Technical consulting services provider Kirton Mechanical Equipment (KME), the vacuum technology-specific, KwaZulu-Natal-based rotating equipment supplier, offers solutions to the very destructive system variables that prevail in most manufacturing and process plants.

Identifying and stabilising system conditions, in relation to rotating equipment performance, will result in long-term savings, owing to the extended life span of pumps, compressors, blowers and other rotating/reciprocating equipment.

The knock-on effect of reduced maintenance costs, increased equipment life span and a reduction in production losses should be of great interest to all engineers, production managers and owners, states the company.

“As such, we believe that short-term, ‘fix-to-fail’ maintenance plans are expensive in every way. So, we bring to market a holistic approach, with the assistance of selected engineering works, to the operation, maintenance and reconditioning of rotating equipment, emphasising the efficient operation of pumps and liquid ring vacuum pumps.

“We do not fear the price advantage offered by most of our competitors, when reconditioning pumps and vacuum pumps, as the service we offer enables a faster payback period as a result of increased equipment life span, reduced maintenance costs and decreased production losses,” says KME director J K Wrathmall.

Since being established in 1989, KME, based in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban, has been dedicated to providing its clients with the best value, supplying high-quality products and services.

“We offer our expert advice on equipment and system diagnosis and consultation on all aspects of system conditions, operating specifications and possible adverse effects resulting from existing system conditions,” notes KME.

Also on offer are superior technical input on vacuum pumps, operation and on-site scientific performance testing of liquid ring vacuum pumps, with an emphasis on two-stage units.

Speaking rands and “sense”, Wrathmall reasons that KME’s service will cost “a lot less than it will save and earn for you”.