Joy Global worldwide leader in high-productivity mining solutions

23rd August 2012 By: Creamer Media Reporter

Joy Global worldwide leader in high-productivity mining solutions

Through its market-leading Surface and Underground Business Units, Joy Global manufactures and markets original equipment and aftermarket parts and services for the mining industries. Joy Global's products and related services are used extensively for the mining of coal, copper, iron ore, oil sands, gold and other mineral resources.

Joy Global and its businesses pride themselves on providing a full range of value-added aftermarket services, and are committed to assisting our customer's mine ores and minerals at the lowest possible cost. To achieve these objectives, we use a Life Cycle Management Strategies (LCMS) approach, which places the highest value on continuous and exceptional customer support. To assist our customers, facilities and equipment service centers span six continents and more than twenty distinct countries.

2011 was another year of exceptional performance and significant accomplishments for Joy Global. Our success is indicative of the fundamental improvements we are making to our business through the dedicated efforts of a very talented team.

At Joy Global, we continually implement programs and initiatives that will make us a more efficient and effective business. These are not just programs, but are also part of our core values and therefore represent our focus on things that matter.

Our highest priority is on safety. First and foremost, we consider it our responsibility to ensure that every member of our team returns home without injury or incident. It’s the responsible way to operate a business, and safety is correlated with higher levels of quality, efficiency and productivity — and therefore enhances overall performance. For the past nine years, our incident rate has been world class. In 2010, we achieved a lost time incident rate of 0.43, and many of our facilities operated the year without incidents. But we will not be satisfied until we achieve zero harm.