Iron-ore miners benefit from mineral analysis tool

4th December 2015

Iron-ore miners benefit from mineral analysis tool

SPECIFIC OFFERING Bryanston Resources specialises in performing due diligence on iron-ore assets to various depths

Iron-ore miners are able to enhance the value of their product in the marketplace and find suitable customers worldwide by using value-in-use (ViU) tools, says Switzerland-headquartered natural-resources-based advisory firm Bryanston Resources.

ViU consists of detailed analysis into the chemical and physical characteristics of a miner’s iron-ore product, explains the company, which has offices in Johannesburg.

“The analysis gives the producer a strong technical tool as well as well-grounded arguments in sales negotiations with customers. In particular, it provides a great basis as to why an additional premium or a lesser discount should be applied to the product,” says Bryanston executive director Lorenzo Tencati.

He adds that, through the use of ViU tools, Bryanston’s clients have been successful in winning customers over during negotiations and obtaining better margins on their iron-ore products.

Bryanston generally conducts these types of analyses, together with a review of clients’ product marketing strategies, by organising customer roadshows and supporting sales contract negotiations.

Due Diligence
Bryanston also specialises in performing due diligence on iron-ore assets to various depths, says Tencati.

“Through our base of experienced consultants and access to a range of professional expertise, such as legal, financial and technical experts, we are able to efficiently perform due diligence on an iron-ore asset, whether in operation, under construction or in [the] prefeasibility stage,” he elaborates.

Bryanston conducts due diligence exercises for clients across the globe by combining hands-on operational expertise with efficient and to-the-point output. This allows Bryanston to dig deeper into the quality of the asset and go beyond the standard surface review.

“Hence, we have been able to discover critical inconsistencies in the geology, mine planning or beneficiation process assumptions, which, in the end, have saved clients millions of dollars,” notes Bryanston business development and communications manager Marie Proumen.

Bryanston Resources focuses its services on emerging markets.

Its industry practices are mostly spread across metals and mining, industrial goods, oil and gas, agriculture, energy and private equity.

Bryanston, which was founded in 2011, fashions itself as a platform for building entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills among its clients, employees and the founders of its portfolio companies.

The company’s consulting services are designed to help clients succeed in their businesses and also create value through commercial excellence, investment strategy and due diligence, fully-fledged turn- around strategies, restructuring and procurement excellence.

Bryanston is made up of professionals – from former entrepreneurs, management consultants, investment professionals and industry experts – that are spread throughout 11 office locations globally.

A key strength of its investment division, says the company, is to combine venture capital funding with hands-on support to commercialise as well as bring to bear management and structure for the resource productivity technologies it invests in.

Tencati says the success of the company’s work can be attributed to the pragmatic and hands-on approach of its team of experts with its knowledge of emerging markets and key commodity regions.