Integrated Pump Rental

6th September 2018

Integrated Pump Rental

Integrated Pump Rental is a specialist pump rental organisation that caters to the needs of all sectors, including mining, quarrying, construction, wastewater, energy and general industry across Africa.

The company has the agility to offer customers quick and easy access to a comprehensive range of pumps and accessories available; either for rental or purchase. Its extensive fleet comprises submersible drainage and dewatering pumps, slurry and sludge pumps, diesel-driven pumps, dredging systems, flotation devices and accessories. All pump rental solutions available from Integrated Pump Rental are ISO 9001 certified.

Integrated Pump Rental has the necessary technical skills to ensure pump solutions match application requirements. The company’s technical team conducts a comprehensive needs assessment of individual applications to facilitate the most appropriate fit-for-purpose pump solution. All pump solutions offer optimum performance and reliability backed by a service and support team that ensures maximum uptime.

Among the company’s pump solutions are the locally manufactured SlurrySucker Dredge System and the SlurryBlaster. The SlurrySucker Dredge units are ideal for dredging and cleaning water capture areas where silt or slimes is an issue, while the SlurryBlaster hydro mining equipment solution offers optimum performance coupled with reliability.

Also included in the company’s product offering is the Sykes diesel driven pump. Suitable for all applications where electrical power is not readily available, these reliable pumps are engineered to offer market-leading efficiency and are extremely robust.

Pump and hose flotation devices and custom-engineered automation systems are also available for all pumping applications.

The company has also bolstered its product offering with the inclusion of Urban LED mobile tower lights which are mine specific and comply with all safety requirements.