Integrated infrastructure service offering enables Bigen’s sustainability

20th February 2024

Integrated infrastructure service offering enables Bigen’s sustainability

To remain sustainable amid the current economic climate, infrastructure development company Bigen has structured its product offering to provide its clients a one-stop service.

“This has allowed Bigen to secure large project appointments and facilitated our Africa expansion strategy. Our integrated services and localisation in various African markets has enabled the company to better weather market turbulence in South Africa,” says Bigen MD Dr Mthandazo Ngwenya.

He adds that when engaging the Bigen group, the company’s clients realise they can access a broad set of capabilities in infrastructure, technical, financial, environmental, and socioeconomic development services.

In the past year, Bigen has achieved significant success including working with mining companies to deliver wastewater reuse services, large-scale residential developments, building off-grid water solutions, community socioeconomic master planning, various rail and logistical solutions, and bulk infrastructure upgrades to various cities and mining towns.

With a 52-year record in infrastructure development, the Bigen group’s highly skilled labour force has delivered a high-quality service to a broad range of clientele, including the private sector; international development organisations and government at local, provincial and national levels.

“The group has a project presence in nearly 20 African countries and has received various accolades and awards from various infrastructure industry bodies,” highlights Ngwenya.

Additionally, Bigen is renowned for its strong focus on community development, local economic participation, employment creation, and skills development in the areas where it executes its projects, living by the values of “Doing Good While Doing Business”.