Innovations on display

20th August 2021

Innovations  on display

ROBUST SOFTWARE MINExpo International will be the first opportunity for many attendees to learn more about RPMGlobal’s software-as-a-service offerings

Software and advisory services company RPMGlobal will showcase some of its latest software offerings and new sustainability capabilities at this year’s MINExpo International, mining’s largest tradeshow, which is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the US, from September 13 to 15. The company will also be highlighting its commitment to supporting mining organisations on their journey towards greener operations.

RPMGlobal will have several of its latest software innovations on display at the event. With RPMGlobal’s strong investment in integrated cloud capabilities increasing significantly in recent years, MINExpo International will be the first opportunity for many attendees to learn more about its software-as-a-service offerings, which includes the company’s haulage-as-a-service simulation product.

In addition, the increasing sophistication and functionality of RPMGlobal’s latest scheduling tools – the XECUTE and XPAC Solutions – will be front and centre at the company’s MINExpo International exhibit. This includes the next evolution of mine scheduling software with the introduction of the unique hybrid scheduling and advanced pit-to-port capabilities.

RPMGlobal Americas GM Sandeep Sandhu said in a statement issued in July that the company had been focused on accelerating and expanding its software suite in line with its commitment to driving “real change” in the mining industry through innovation.

“We continue to strengthen our portfolio of products, which is evident in the growing breadth and depth of our software offerings since the last MINExpo International in 2016.”

Sandhu added that RPMGlobal’s purpose was to help operations extract more value through innovative software solutions and sustainable mining methods.

“We are excited about showcasing the progress we’ve made across our software suite in a face-to-face setting, in what is undoubtedly the most anticipated mining event of the year,” he said.

RPMGlobal’s exhibit in the Las Vegas Convention Centre Central Hall, booth #7081, will demonstrate the company’s commitment to advancing the industry towards a more sustainable future, achieved through a laser sharp focus on innovative technologies and the provision of domain expertise.

Alongside the mining industry’s commitment to sustainability, RPMGlobal’s consulting and advisory team will be able to update attendees on the company’s strengthened environmental, social and governance (ESG) services on the back of the acquisition of environmental consultancy Nitro Solutions. RPMGlobal will be bringing together its ESG, mining advisory and technology offering to support its customers to mine more sustainably across every stage of the mining life cycle.

With the global mining industry facing an array of complex challenges, ranging from evolving community expectations to a decarbonisation agenda and controlling costs, Sandhu said miners will need to embrace innovative technology and deep domain expertise to grow sustainably and profitably.

“The pandemic has accelerated the focus on technological innovation. “As mining operations have realised, they need the right technology to operate their systems and software remotely,” he said.

Further, an increasing number of organisations have committed to emission reduction targets, Sandhu said.

“As a mining and engineering technical services company, we have a responsibility to assist mining operations respond to the increased demands and achieve those emissions targets. Therefore, we are really looking forward to having a lot of great conversations with clients and attendees alike about how we can help the industry mine more sustainably.”

RPMGlobal is a global provider and developer of mining software solutions, advisory services and professional development to the mining industry. Since 1968, RPMGlobal has worked with mining companies of all sizes and commodities to support their growth.