In search of ways to reduce your energy consumption?

2nd February 2023

In search of ways to reduce your energy consumption?

BASF has you covered!

Experience the next level in pressure drop reduction with BASFs new X3D™ Sulfuric Acid catalyst series based on 3D printing. A pressure drop reduction of up to 75% in comparison to star ring catalysts can help you to reduce the energy consumption of your converter.

Benefits of the X3D™ Sulfuric Acid catalyst

BASF’s X3DTM technology is a new additive manufacturing technology for catalysts based on 3D printing. Catalysts produced with this technology feature an open structure, resulting in a reduction of the pressure drop across the reactor and a high surface area, significantly improving the catalysts’ performance. BASF has capabilities to supply commercial quantities.

The technology offers a greater freedom of catalyst design compared with conventional production technologies. It brings catalysts’ performance to the next level and helps to customise catalysts to customers’ specific conditions and needs by designing infill pattern, fiber diameter and orientation. Customers can benefit from an increased reactor output, higher product quality and lower energy consumption. The novel catalysts are mechanically robust and proven in commercial plant operation externally and for several years in BASF.

BASF can apply the technology to a wide variety of existing catalytic materials, including base or precious metal catalysts as well as carrier materials. BASF’s Sulfuric Acid catalysts O4-111 X3D and O4-115 X3D are the first catalysts produced with the new technology and are used in industrial plants.

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