13th September 2018


Jaco Prinsloo Imilingo Mineral Processing Managing Director

Imilingo is an engineering company with a vision to be the leading integrator of sensor based sorting technology. The complete project lifecycle, from business concept to study and through to execution, is addressed by innovative individuals pulled together in a cohesive team with the goal to maximise the potential within each opportunity.

The secret to successful sorting is the optimal feed preparation of the feed material. Imilingo’s modular materials handling products (iPlant™) are developed to operate in harsh conditions, which translates to high efficiency and high availability. Equipment is sized and specified for each project, based on material characteristics and is offered as a complete sorting system instead of loose standing components.

We specialise mainly in diamond and coal sorting and also address sorting of heavy metals. Depending on your business needs, a full sorting system can be procured outright or rented on a monthly basis. We have XRT as well as Electro Magnetic sorting machines available that could form part of a rental agreement.

A vital part of our offering is project management and engineering studies to help our customers optimise their resource and opportunities to give the all-important technical guidance at the start of a business venture. What makes Imilingo stand out from the crowd is the ability to match the different business requirements of each client by providing a custom service resulting in a fit-for-purpose sorting system.