Ian Jones

22nd October 2004 By: Laura Franz

Full name: Ian Michael Jones

Position: Chairperson of Gemcom Africa since October 2004

Main activity of the company: Provider of production management solutions and IT solutions to the mining industry

Date and place of birth: October 31, 1964, Liverpool, England

Education: Sandringham High School, 1981; Wits University, BSc (Geol) 1986; BSc (Hons) Geol 1987; Wits Business School, MAP 2000.

First job: JCI, project geologist

Size of first pay packet: R1 500 a month

First job with present group: Junior geologist, 1993

Value of assets under your control: R8-million

Number of people under your leadership: 30

Management style: Based on company values, try to get the team to perform to their absolute best potential through ownership and accountability – open and engaging management style

Personal best achievement: Married the right woman

Professional best achievement: Taking Gemcom Africa from a small business to one that is at the forefront of its field

Person who has had the biggest influence on your life: My wife

Person who has had the biggest influence on your career: Oskar Steffen

Person you would most like to meet: Nelson Mandela

Businessperson who has impressed you most: Mark Shuttleworth

Philosophy of life: Work hard, play hard, enjoy the journey, treat everyone with the same respect and try to be patient in a demanding world

Biggest ever opportunity: Working with De Beers to enhance the value that IT can play in the operation of their mines

Biggest ever disappointment: Tough one – there have been many, but disappointment breeds desire to succeed

Hope for the future: Peace and prosperity for all South Africans with a crime-free society

Favourite reading: Motoring journals, action and war novels

Favourite TV programme: Frasier

Favourite food and drink: Italian and home cooking, white and red wine

Favourite music: Blues

Favourite sport: Enjoy gym and watching rugby

Favourite website: SuperSport

Hobbies: Music, golf, overland safari, outdoors with the kids

Car: Land Rover Discovery

Pets: German shepherd named ‘Whistle’

Miscellaneous dislikes: Insincerity, politicians, taxis

Favourite other South African company: SABMiller

Favourite foreign company: None

Married: Shelley n