How mineworkers get their salaries

24th September 2004 By: Deborah Spicer

The mining recruitment arm of the Teba Group, Teba Limited, has streamlined its service to foreign mineworkers by implementing a Web-based software solution which allows miners to retrieve their salary statements online.

The system was developed by Software Futures, an IBM Business Partner, in just three weeks using IBM’s Rational Rapid Developer and an architected rapid application development approach. The solution is based on IBM’s WebSphere and DB2 Data Management software platform.

Teba IT manager Anneri Pieterse says the decision to go with IBM products was based on the company’s long-term strategy to standardise on IBM products and services as well as Rational’s capacity for quick development.

“We needed a system to track deposits and deferred pay for the mineworkers, we wanted to make it available on the Internet, and we needed to do it quickly,” Pieterse says. “This solution enables our 60 000 mineworkers to access their salary information at a convenient location.” In line with South Africa’s international governance agreements with foreign countries, Teba recruits mineworkers from our own rural areas as well as Mozambique, Lesotho, Botswana and Swaziland. The labourers work on South Africa’s gold-, coal- and platinum-mines. Teba provides the workers with contracts and acts as the link between the workers and their families.

Because most mineworkers are not computer literate, the system is administered by consultants based at the mines. When a miner wishes to access his salary information, he simply provides his user identification and password to the system consultant in the office.

In addition to improving its service to the workers, Teba has been able to reduce fraud and ensure compliance with inter-government protocols as a result of implementing the solution.