Holtby to retire as chair from Wheaton board

28th March 2022 By: Creamer Media Reporter

Streaming company Wheaton Precious Metals has announced the retirement of Doug Holtby as chairperson and nonexecutive director of the board upon the completion of his term at the upcoming shareholders meeting in May.

Holtby, who has been a director since 2006 and chairperson since 2009, has steered Wheaton from a small, niche player in the silver industry to one of the biggest and most profitable precious metals companies in the world.

“As board chair, his leadership kept us focused on always improving the streaming model and moving forward in all aspects of the business,” said president and CEO Randy Smallwood.

The company plans to appoint George Brack as nonexecutive chair when Holtby retires.

"Doug leaves an amazing legacy at Wheaton. During his tenure, Wheaton underwent transformational growth and has positioned itself as both a leader and innovator in the precious metals and mining sector,” commented Brack.

Wheaton also proposed former Barrick executive Jaimie Donovan for election to the board.