Henk Bester

9th December 2016

Henk Bester

Full Name: Henk Bester

Position: MD: Transportation, Bigen

Main Activity of the Company: Bigen is a solutions-driven infrastructure development group

Date and Place of Birth: February 6, 1966, Paarl, Western Cape

Education: BEng (civil), University of Stellenbosch

First Job: Assistant engineer, Spoornet

Career History Prior to Current Position: Transnet (Spoornet), R&H Railway Consultants, Hatch Consulting

Size of First Pay Packet: R756 a month

First Job with Present Group: MD

Value of Assets under Your Control: Not stated

Number of People under Your Leadership: Not stated

Management Style: Assertive, participative

Personal Best Achievement: I am very competitive and constantly set new personal goals. I have achieved so many of my goals over the years

Professional Best Achievement: Being widely recognised as a rail expert

Person Who Has Had the Biggest Influence on Your Life: My parent

Person Who Has Had the Biggest Influence on Your Career: Various people in the organisations I previously worked for

Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Roger Federer

Businessperson Who Has Impressed You Most: Hatch Consulting CEO John Bianchini; he has impressed me with his personal involvement in the company

Philosophy of Life: Hard work is rewarded

Biggest Ever Opportunity: Becoming global director of a multinational company exposed to global markets

Biggest Ever Disappointment: Not having found personal balance earlier in my life

Hope for the Future: That Africa plays a major role in the global arena in all aspects of the economy and sport

Favourite Reading: Autobiographies – most recent, The Climb, by Chris Froome

Favourite TV Programme: Food channel and Deadliest Catch

Favourite Food/Drink: I like most food, including sushi, steak and pasta

Favourite Music: 1980s

Favourite Sport: Cycling

Favourite Website: Google

Hobbies: Mountain biking and deep-sea fishing

Car: Audi RS Q3

Pets: None

Miscellaneous Dislikes: Big 4 X 4s driving on the yellow lane – they are always the same make!

Favourite Other South African Company: Companies like Kumba Iron Ore and Assmang, which I worked with for many years

Favourite Foreign Company: Samsung

Married: To Stacy, since May 8, 1998

Children: None

Clubs: Cycling