Health, safety training increases productivity

5th November 2021 By: Theresa Bhowan-Rajah - journalist

Health, safety training increases productivity

JACQUES FARMER Just because mining takes place on the surface, does not mean there are fewer health and safety riska

Mining training company Prisma Training Solutions ensures that its customers can realise a return on investment by increasing productivity and efficiency through training. The company states that this is vital for all mining operations.

Each mine and mining method offers unique risks.

“With surface mining, for example, even though miners are not working underground, there are great risks, one of which is weather. Unlike underground mining where weather is not much of a factor, weather could cause a workplace accident or injury at surface mine operations,” says Prisma Training Solutions MD Jacques Farmer

He states that the rapid temperature increases year-on-year put miners at risk of heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses. Rain can also cause mining surfaces to become unstable which could cause a collapse of mine walls or miners losing balance on unstable surfaces.

Additionally, another health and safety risk is a lack of necessary training and knowledge, especially among operators using heavy machinery. This can lead to severe injuries, and even loss of life.

“Just because mining takes place on the surface, does not mean there are fewer health and safety risks. Dust is often another harmful agent that can impact surface miners’ health and can be a common source of lung disease if not controlled appropriately. Highwall collapses, rockfall from pit side walls and falling into unprotected pits are more examples of the dangers that surface miners need to be aware of,” says Farmer.

A safe work environment ensures the safety of all mineworkers and ensures that mining operations continue without delays.

Prisma provides miners with the necessary knowledge and practical experience –  through simulated training exercises –  to deal with health and safety concerns. This ensures that mines operate at a high level of health and safety on a daily basis.

“Prisma’s aim is to build and maintain lasting relationships by consistently delivering customised and sustainable education, training and organisational development solutions that are accredited and embody best practice.

“Our experts are able to identify areas of health and safety concern, which will be incorporated into training programmes, thereby creating a tailored training plan for each customer, based on their unique circumstances,” Farmer concludes.