Hauling solution expands to Brazil

29th May 2020

Hauling solution expands to Brazil

GREAT EXPANSION PHIL announced that production of its patented Rear Eject Body will begin in Brazil in the second quarter of 2020

Global leader in “off-highway” truck customisation Philippi-Hagenbuch (PHIL) in a press release in April announced that production of its patented Rear Eject Body would begin in Brazil, this quarter.

PHIL’s line of Rear Eject Bodies offers the “ideal” solution for challenging hauling applications from general construction to mine reclamation, and specifically in underground hauling situations where overhead barriers inhibit traditional dump bodies. The expansion of services to South America will better serve the construction and mining markets in that region, the company noted.

PHIL’s Rear Eject Body debuted in 2000 as a safer alternative to end-dump bodies for articulated trucks. “The patented design eliminates the need to raise the body of the truck when discharging materials, allowing for safer offloading while in motion and in the presence of overhead barriers such as power lines, roof lines or bridges, [as well as] in underground mining applications that have low overhead clearance.”

This versatility “increases efficiency without reducing stability” by providing a lower center of gravity and enabling discharge on downhill slopes as well as in softer ground conditions. 

Like all PHIL products, the Rear Eject Body is “engineered to provide productivity-enhancing solutions” for the trickiest hauling challenges. Manufactured exclusively out of Hardox 450 steel, the PHIL Rear Eject Body is the “most robust” ejector body available on the market globally.

Additionally, with only one cylinder and no rollers, bearings or required greasing, the Rear Eject Body minimises maintenance while providing the reliability necessary for heavy-duty applications in extreme environments which range from temperatures of ‒40 °C to 49 °C.

“If the truck’s hydraulic system will work, the PHIL Rear Eject Body will work, optimally,” says PHIL sales and marketing VP Josh Swank.

“Our ejector body was designed from the ground up to thrive in heavy-duty mining environments and is agile enough to enhance efficiency in construction projects. Our design naturally minimises material carryback, is designed to work easily in areas with low overhead height restrictions and is versatile enough to haul anything from rock and ore to fly ash, scrap steel and refuse.”

PHIL’s ejector bodies are currently operating throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

“By adding production for our world-class Rear Eject Body in Brazil, we are able to offer the product closer to where our clients need it. This helps reduce import tariffs and freight, while providing localised parts availability,” he says.

With a wide array of off-highway trucks operating in South America, PHIL has the ability to build the full range of their chassis-specific designs in Brazil.

Regardless of which original-equipment manufacturer brand of articulated truck is preferred by the client, PHIL will be able to source the specific ejector body – either standard duty or mining duty – from its manufacturing operation outside São Paulo, Brazil.

“As we expand our efforts into the Brazilian market, we continue to look for representation or an independent representative to assist our local sales effort within the country. Until this happens, the PHIL sales department in Peoria, Illinois, will work directly with the off-highway truck dealers throughout the country. We are looking forward to this new expansion and opportunities it provides,” Swank concludes.