Gubhani Exploration: Pioneering the future of surface drilling

20th October 2023

Gubhani Exploration: Pioneering the future of surface drilling

Wholly black female-owned surface exploration drilling company Gubhani Exploration was established in 2008 to set new innovative standards in surface drilling operations. Managed by a geologist, the company is built on five pillars of strength, including integrity, service delivery, safety and environment, core quality, and real-time reporting and monitoring. 

Gubhani Exploration offers a range of services, including vertical and inclined exploration drilling, blasthole drilling (in partnership), and geological and geotechnical consultancy. The company’s core quality focus ensures an average core recovery of 95%. Gubhani’s innovative real-time reporting allows clients to access borehole progress as the hole is drilled via a secure online portal, improving efficiency and saving money. 

Safety is paramount in exploration drilling and Gubhani upholds this principle in all its operations. The company has had zero Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) since its inception, demonstrating its commitment to the well-being of its employees. Gubhani also sources environment friendly products and offers competitive pricing on its services. 

With over a decade of experience, Gubhani brings a wealth of expertise to exploration drilling and geotechnical investigations. The company’s versatile services are tailored to meet specific client needs, and its impeccable safety record underscores its commitment to client satisfaction and quality delivery. 

Gubhani Exploration is a pioneering force in the surface drilling industry, driven by its commitment to safety, innovation and client satisfaction. As a 100% black female-owned company, Gubhani is breaking barriers in the mining sector and setting new standards for the future of surface drilling operations.