Geospatial prediction software presented at Mining Indaba

26th February 2010

Information management systems company Beak Consultants presented its newly developed Advangeo prediction software at this year’s Mining Indaba conference for natural resource professionals.

The Advangeo makes the advantages of artificial neural network technologies available for use in spatial data analysis and interpretation in a standard geographical information systems (GIS) environment.

Beak Consultants reports that, by analysing complex interrelations between a geo- spatial event, such as the location of a mineral deposit and other data, such as geology, images, geophysics and geochemistry, the Advangeo software trains artificial neural networks and applies the knowledge for data interpretation. This results in maps of event probabilities, such as mineral occurrences probabilities, that can be used for plan- ning purposes both in the private explora- tion industry and for national planning purposes.

The company adds that the applicability and accuracy of Advangeo-created predictive maps have been tested in multiple application cases in the fields of geological mapping, minerals exploration target generation, prediction of geohazards and soil erosion, and other fields.

Further, the software is reported to provide a number of useful features of data organisation, data processing data transformation, data presentation and evaluation of results, and supports the full workflow of artificial neural network generation and application.

The software is being developed, tested and used as a tool in several Beak project activities and is now also available commercially through licensing agreements. The company is offering services for the governmental mining sector, as well as for the private minerals industry, such as the systematic, evaluation and processing of geoscientific data, the creation of customised databases and GIS applications, prospect-ing and exploration activities, evaluation of mineral deposits and raw materials projects, as well as regional planning conflict analyses.