Genuine CAT® parts at the click of a button

3rd February 2022


Barloworld Equipment is all about simplifying everything for you, from purchasing a machine to purchasing parts for your machine. We understand your need for speed, convenience and easy accessibility when it comes to machine parts. To address these needs we created an online shopping platform for genuine CAT® parts. This platform combines the convenience of online shopping with the quality you have come to expect from CAT®.

We get asked all the time, why buying your parts online is beneficial, so here are some of the reasons why:

Another big benefit of using Parts.Cat.Com is that it saves you time and effort. No need to email, call or visit us to buy parts anymore. All you have to do is go to Parts.Cat.Com and start shopping for parts.


Register & Sign-in

System (EIMS)

1. Visit Parts.Cat.Com on your web browser.

Select the Sign in or register button at the top right of your screen.

A form will pop up. If you are a new user select CREATE ACCOUNT. If you already have an account use your details to sign in and continue to finding items section.

A new screen will appear asking you to complete the registration form. Fill in the form and submit by selecting the CREATE ACCOUNT button.

You will find yourself back on the storefront. If your registration was successful your name will be displayed where previously it said Sign in or register.

You will also receive an email from Caterpillar with your username and a link to the website

Finding Items

1. Shop by category. If you want to shop by category you will find the categories below the search bar. Take a look at the categories and if you find you want to see more categories click on the SHOW ALL CATEGORIES button. You can also find a dropdown list of all categories at the top of the menu bar under CATEGORIES. Once you've selected the category you're interested in, you can get more specific with a few clicks of the mouse, to select a sub-category. After selecting a sub-category you will find a number of items arranged. You can sort these items by name or relevance.

Shop using the search bar. If you have the part serial number or specific keyword on hand, you can simply enter this into the search bar and find the exact item you need.

On the item page, you will find a picture of the item, item description and item specifications for your convenience.

Once you find the item you need to click on the yellow add to cart button. You can also save the item to a list if you want to purchase the item at a later time.

If you want to check compatibility with your equipment, select COMPATIBLE MODELS button. You can also use the SELECT EQUIPMENT button at the top right. Enter your CAT® model or serial number and save equipment. If you use this function you will be able to shop for parts compatible with your machine.

Checkout Process

1. Click on the shopping cart icon at the top right corner of the site.

View and assess your shopping cart and items added. Make sure you added the right items, remove any that you may no longer want and change the order quantity.

Once you are satisfied, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to submit billing and shipping details. You will be offered the option to collect at your nearest dealer, or select delivery to your door.

Click PROCEED TO ORDER SUMMARY to finalize your order.

Parts.Cat.Com was created for your convenience which is why it is customizable.


Parts.Cat.Com was created for your convenience which is why it is customizable.

Once logged in and on the storefront, look for the drop-down under your account.


On the left menu, select SHOPPING PREFERENCES

Select your account number and the dealer you prefer to purchase from. Click on APPLY NEW SETTINGS.

Your home page can be tailored to display SERVICE INFORMATION SYSTEM, PARTS MANUALS, or the SHOPPING CART. Customize your Parts.Cat.Com account to ensure your shopping experience is seamless and efficient.

Navigating the website is quick and easy for your convenience. If you find you don’t understand or need some help the online store also has a HELP CENTER with FAQs, updates, articles and video tutorials. Barloworld Equipment is always on the lookout for ways to be more efficient and make your life easier. CAT® parts is one of the ways we can support your worksite.