4th December 2020


Gammatec NDT Supplies specialises in manufacturing, marketing, sales and support for the non-destructive testing (NDT) industry. 

Headquartered in Vereeniging, South Africa, Gammatec is the proud distributor of Handheld Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (HH LIBS) devices from US-based instrumentation company SciAps. LIBS operates by using a pulsed, focused laser fired at a sample, causing it to emit light associated with specific elements in the periodic table and thus 
quickly determining a sample’s chemical composition.

Traditionally used as a laboratory technique, LIBS analysis is now available in a small, lightweight handheld device capable of analysing any element in a sample, depending on the spectrometer range chosen for the device.

The Z-series analyser from SciAps is the world’s premier HH LIBS instrument, featuring the most advanced technology ever created in a handheld elemental analyser. 

The Z-300’s spectrometer range covers 190 nm – 850 nm, customisable up to  930 nm. It offers instant analysis of every element in the periodic table, for nearly all materials, anywhere on the planet. The analyser features a pre-configured android, application (app)-based software platform, allowing for the addition of calibrations as required. The Z handheld LIBS includes a full-featured desktop or tablet software package with spectral pre-processing, chemo-metrics, emission line identification for any element and quantitative calibration setup. Users can also create custom analysis models, element lists and calibrations. 

The Z handheld LIBS is ideal for a range of applications, including: 

The SciAps Z handheld LIBS, available from Gammatec NDT Supplies, is perfect for the lab, the classroom and in the field.