Forevermark brand expanding customer base globally

7th February 2017 By: Ilan Solomons - Creamer Media Staff Writer

Forevermark brand expanding customer base globally

CAPE TOWN ( – The response to the Forevermark diamond brand has been “just great” in the past three years, which is, to a significant degree, attributable to the brand’s promise of authenticity, quality, uniqueness, integrity and being ethically sourced, states De Beers' Forevermark brand ambassador at Caratco Anna Russo.

She told Mining Weekly Online on the sidelines of the Investing in African Mining Indaba, that the brand had “huge potential” and, in fact, since its launch in 2008, had been the fastest-growing diamond brand worldwide.

The Forevermark brand is distributed in South Africa through the local diamond business Caratco, under whose initiative the brand is expanding globally.

Russo noted that Forevermark was available in a number of Asian countries, including China and India; in the US and Canada; Mexico and the Caribbean Islands; Australia; and Southern Africa, including in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana.

“In Europe, countries such as the UK, Turkey, Hungary and Russia are already selling Forevermark diamonds and we will be finalising distribution agreements with others soon,” she said.

Russo explained that each Forevermark diamond was inscribed on the table facet with an individual number and the brand icon by using patented technology developed by De Beers. The inscription is one-twentieth of a micron deep, or one-five-thousandth of the depth of a human hair. The inscription is invisible to the naked eye and in “no ways” affects the brilliance and the clarity of the diamond.

She said that by buying a Forevermark diamond, customers were also able to register their diamonds against their names online, on a global database of owners of Forevermark diamonds.

“The nanotechnology applied on the diamond serves to reassure consumers that their diamonds can always be traced back to them. The individual number of the inscription gives customers peace of mind that their diamonds cannot be swapped or stolen when being cleaned or repaired,” Russo pointed out.

Further, she commented that, as far as diamond jewellery was concerned, the most successful pieces were always the “classics”, which included stud earrings, eternity rings and tennis bracelets.

“A pair of plain stud earrings is what every woman wants as you can wear them every day and the simple setting highlights the diamond. Same for engagement rings; a classic solitaire is always the most desirable.

“A jewellery design that comes with a story is also very trendy because people want to attach meaning to their diamond and to their special purchase or gift,” Russo stated.

Moreover, she noted that Forevermark signature designs were inspired by the shape of the Forevermark icon, the ancient love knot of Heracles and by the cornerstones of a loving relationship, which included honesty, trust, respect and appreciation, besides others.

Russo remarked that diamonds with “fancy shapes”, particularly cushion-cut diamonds were becoming very popular as many women wanted them for their engagement rings.

“Fancy shapes are less expensive than round brilliant-cut diamonds and are, consequently, good value for money. People are becoming less concerned with paying a premium for a branded diamond.

“As for Forevermark, the diamond is bought under the umbrella of the brand, and of De Beers, and people are willing to pay a premium for that reassurance of quality and integrity,” she contended.

Further, Russo pointed out that the brand had a Design and Innovation Centre in Milan, Italy, where all its signature Forevermark jewellery collections were created.

“Milan is one of the design capitals of the world and Italy has an incredible reputation for jewellery design; therefore, it is important that Forevermark is seeking inspiration in such an environment,” she enthused.