Fire protection company becomes agent for extinguishing systems

4th October 2013

Fire protection products and services supplier Sperosens has been reported as an agent to supply and install dry sprinkler powder aerosol (DSPA) extinguishing systems for the South African mining and industrial sectors. “Sperosens can now offer solutions for your individual risk management as the DSPA range offers a wide range of multipurpose fixed and portable extinguishing systems,” says Sperosens sales manager Gideon van Lille.

“What really gives us peace of mind and a huge benefit for the clients, is that all the designs, installation, operation, testing and maintenance comply with the National Fire Protection Association 2010 standards,” he adds.

Further, Sperosens reports that the DSPA aerosol systems have received product certifications according to the ISO 15779:2011 standard, which is not a common practice for the ranges available in the market. The standard was adopted as the South African standard for aerosol fire suppression by the South African Bureau of Standards in 2012.

Condensed aerosol fire extinguishing systems, requirements and test methods for components and system design, installation and maintenance, and general requirements are the elements considered in the certification process.

The company has also received the BRL –K23001/04:2010 evaluation guideline for aerosol fire extinguishing for the product certificate for fixed dry aerosol fire extinguishing components, as well as the CEN/TR 15276-1:2009 fixed firefighting systems condensed aerosol extinguishing systems, meeting requirements and test methods for components, as well as the UL subject 2775:2008 an outline of investigation for fixed condensed aerosol extinguishing system units.

The DSPA does not require pipework, storage or manifolds. The company notes that the DSPA has a low cost of maintenance, small space requirements, is non-pressurised and has a 15-year serviceable life span.

Further, the DSPA is nontoxic, environment-friendly technology and does not affect the ozone layer or lower the oxygen levels in activated areas.

The company notes that the DSPA aerosol devices are effective in various fire classes, including class A – solids, class B – liquids, class C – gases, and class F – fat and oils.


The DSPA can be used in environments and locations where fire hazards are present, such as mining , electromechanical systems (transformers, engine rooms, generators and switching stations), data processing systems (servers, switching boards and electrical cabinets), industrial equipment (warehouses and power generators and stations), transport (buses, boats and trucks), diary industry processing divisions, tunnel construction and paint warehouses.

NOFIQ Fire Extinguisher

The company further notes that its NOFIQ fire extinguisher provides a solution for the manufacturing, production and processing environments, as well as for the detection and prevention of fires in enclosed compartments, and for electrical components measuring a maximum 1500 V direct current and 1 000 V alternating current.


The NOFIQ can be used for control and switch panels, motor control centres, server cabinets, patch panels and meter boxes.