Advantageous networking opportunity provided

18th May 2018 By: Jessica Oosthuizen - Creamer Media Reporter

Advantageous networking opportunity provided

MIRKO STEINHAGE Throughout the year, there are three or four important mining shows that we feel every company needs to attend, and Caminex is one of those shows

Spectrometer and analyser supplier Spectrometer Technologies has found that attending the Caminex trade expo, which will be held from June 5 to 7 at the Kitwe showgrounds, in Zambia, is “an exceptional way” of meeting and networking with companies operating in Zambia and the rest of Africa, says Spectrometer Technologies director Mirko Steinhage.

Spectrometer Technologies is a supplier of products, such as those of biotechnology product development company Thermo Fisher Scientific and analytical, bioanalytical and optical systems provider Analytik Jena. Spectrometer Technologies supplies the mining, mineral, food and pharmaceuticals industries.

“Throughout the year, there are three or four important mining shows that we feel every company needs to attend, and Caminex is one of those shows,” Steinhage advances.

The company has attended Caminex – previously known as the Caminex and Copperbelt Mining Trade Expo and Conference – six times. “This year, we expect to build on good client relationships and further prove the reliability, consistency and ease of use of our market-leading elemental analysers.”

The company further hopes to educate clients, potential clients and expo visitors on the benefits of using the products that it will exhibit.

Spectrometer Technologies will mainly exhibit the Thermo Scientific Niton range of portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers, as well as the Analytik Jena range of laboratory instruments. Steinhage says the Thermo Scientific Niton portable XRF spectrometer has been used for many years in the Zambian market for analysis and grade control of copper, coltan, malachite and other materials.

“Thermo Scientific Niton portable XRF spectrometers are invaluable when it comes to mining operations, as they reduce the cost of laboratory services drastically.

“Besides eliminating the need for an established material testing lab, the Thermo Scientific Niton portable XRF spectrometers can provide miners with accurate and consistent results on any minerals within seconds, giving them the freedom and confidence to make informed decisions about where and how they should proceed with their mining plan,” Steinhage explains.

He further notes that these hand-held units can accurately test a small portion of a rock, ore or drill core in the field and inform the operator of the composition of the material. “No extensive training for using the equipment is needed,” he highlights.

Moreover, Thermo Fischer Scientific has recently launched the Thermo Scientific Niton XL5 XRF spectrometer which will be on display at Caminex. The product can identify alloys, detect tramp elements, deliver geochemical data, analyse precious metals and determine coating weight and plating thickness. “All of this is done in seconds, at the pull of a trigger, saving clients the time and money it would normally take to send these samples to an external lab,” he highlights.

“For the first time, Zambian customers can enjoy a hands-on experience with it – visitors are encouraged to bring their samples to our stand, D13, for a free analysis and to see how the product works,” he enthuses.

These products are investments that will continue to show dividends to customers, Steinhage concludes.