Ericsson launches 5G Core Excellence Centre

10th November 2023 By: Natasha Odendaal - Creamer Media Senior Deputy Editor

Information and communication technology group Ericsson has launched a fifth-generation (5G) Core Excellence Centre dedicated to supporting communication service providers in the Middle East and Africa to deploy 5G services and foster forward- looking use cases within the region.

The 5G Core Excellence Centre, a dynamic platform for unveiling the multifaceted dimensions of 5G’s value proposition, aims to be a focal point for innovation, collaboration and the advancement of 5G technology.

“The Ericsson 5G Core Excellence Centre provides a conducive environment for collaboration and innovation and is well- positioned to support our customers in their 5G monetisation journey through demonstrations and practical consumer and enterprise use cases,” says Ericsson Middle East and Africa VP and cloud software and services head Lucky La Riccia.

“We are committed to providing the resources and support needed to develop and commercialise innovative products and services. The launch of Ericsson’s 5G Core Excellence Centre is a significant milestone and we are confident that it will be a valuable asset to the Middle East and Africa.”

The company plans to leverage new centre to showcase the potential of 5G for end-consumer services, such as fixed- wireless access and cloud gaming, as well as enterprise offerings, including those in media and entertainment and public safety, through interactive demonstrations and use cases that exemplify the real-world applications of 5G technology.

Part of the Excellence Centre is the 5G Lab, which is equipped with advanced 5G standalone infrastructure and high-speed networking equipment.

Further, the centre offers a collaborative workspace for developers, system integrators and industry experts to collectively explore the capabilities of 5G technology while building innovative 5G use cases.

It will also serve as a launchpad for commercialisation and deployment.

“The Ericsson 5G Core Excellence Centre will allow us to collaborate with partners and customers to develop and test innovative 5G applications that empower businesses, industries and individuals to thrive in the era of connectivity,” adds Ericsson Middle East and Africa operations support systems, core and cloud head Said Zantout.

“We look forward to seeing the innovative solutions that will be developed in the 5G Lab and we are confident that these solutions will drive innovation in the region.”