Energy efficient solutions for loadshedding

26th January 2024

Energy efficient solutions for loadshedding

TIER 3 REGULATED The AGG AS25000 series of diesel engines features a Tier 3 Emission compliance standard where most products in this band are sold as a non-regulated emission engine, that requires additional fees for emission optimisation
Photo by: Vert Energy

South Africa’s electricity problems have left the country without power for many hours a day, causing grave difficulties for businesses and households, notes power generation and electromechanical power transmission product supplier Vert Energy.

“The inability of the country’s primary electricity supplier to meet demand has called for the private sector to step up and provide solutions that help keep businesses, education facilities, hospitals and more running, in the event of power outages and loadshedding,” explains Vert Energy sales and marketing director Ryan Robertson.

He states that through Vert Energy’s specialist divisions – namely Electric Power Generation (EPG), Industrial Power Products and Energy on Call – Vert will ensure that all sectors are able to keep the power on.

Robertson says Vert’s primary focus is on electric power generation and delivering solutions to marine and land-based applications. Its range of products are used in diesel, petrol, gas, steam, hydro and photovoltaic- hybrid applications, with clients able to opt for environment- conscious class-rated products that will optimise fuel consumption, reduce emissions and boost energy savings.

Vert’s range of quality branded products include AGG and Yanmar engines, Leroy Somer EPG, NSM 2 pole alternators for portable products, DEIF power management controllers, lighting towers and load banks.

Robertson noted that the first half of 2023 saw product launches within the portfolio of AGG diesel engines, providing a range that extends from 16 kW to 800 kW. The year also saw the introduction of the AS25000 series of diesel engines to the market.

These engines reportedly delivered optimised power ranging from 500 kW to 800 kW and featured, as standard, Tier 3 Emission compliance. The delivery of a Tier 3 engine was a first, as most other products in the band were sold as nonregulated emission engines, with additional fees for emission optimised engines.

Although the South African legislation does not enforce these standards as strictly as other countries, such as those in Europe or Asia, Vert Energy pursues this strategy in line with its environment-conscious approach.

The company received positive feedback from original- equipment manufacturers and end-users that used AS25000 engines in applications for mining, industrial, water treatment and retail facilities, noting that the products achieved “excellent” load acceptance and fuel efficiency results.

In addition, Vert Energy has launched its own range of Vert Industrial Power Products, an extensive range of power products, available in both diesel and petrol options, offering the peak permissible power output, ensuring optimal performance and efficient fuel consumption.

Vert Energy’s petrol engines – which conform to Stage V emission regulations – are available in 4.5 kW to 26 kW units, mainly being used in construction equipment and power generation applications.

Portable pumpsets include 50 mm to 80 mm dewatering pumps powered by 4.5 kW engines; 100 mm trash pumps powered by either Vert petrol engines or Yanmar diesel engines; and 50 mm polypropylene chemical pumps powered by Vert 4.5 kW petrol engines.

The main applications for these pumps are in construction, the hire sector and agriculture.

Vert Energy’s portable power products also include 6.5 kVA and 15.0 kVA (single and three phase) electric start portable generators, used largely in domestic and leisure sectors.

“Our team of service engineers and product specialists offer a dependable technical advisory service when product selection is required and a skilled engineering support service to ensure a seamless power generation experience from purchase to commissioning, [thereby] ensuring every system performs to exact site requirements,” notes Robertson.

Additionally, Vert Energy’s maintenance and repair service to customers throughout Africa ensures that all systems operate at peak performance for an extended service life.

Robertson emphasises that by working closely with market- leading partners, Vert Energy is able to meet a customers’ exact electromechanical requirements, with the company adapting to the constant change in demand.

He states: “We strive to create a brighter, greener future for our team, our customers and our suppliers.”

According to Vert Energy, the short-term outlook for power generation in Southern Africa indicates an inherent need for alternative power supply.

While loadshedding is at reduced levels, this represents the “ideal window” for the implementation of alternative storage and generation capacity to reduce impact on business and infrastructure, should an increase in load reduction stages be implemented.