Draslovka’s sustainable solution to metal supply deficits

7th February 2024

Draslovka’s sustainable solution to metal supply deficits

Multinational chemicals producer Draslovka has developed a cutting-edge metal recovery process called Glycine Leaching Technology (GLT). Aimed at optimising recovery of precious and base metals, this proprietary process unlocks substantial savings and is generating value for mining operations worldwide, all while improving their environmental footprints. 

The company’s patented GlyCatTM and GlyLeachTM offering addresses many of the challenges currently faced by gold, copper, nickel and cobalt operations.

“GLT helps mines recover metals in a way that is safer, more environment-friendly and more cost effective than any other process available today.” says Draslovka Group COO Greg Warren during a video interview at the Investing in Africa Mining Indaba.

“Our GLT technology enables operators to achieve their goals while limiting their environmental impact – it’s been a real game-changer for mines around the world. In fact, we’re currently implementing GLT with the second-largest precious metals mining company in the world, and one of the world’s largest nickel miners.”

GLT is the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way to produce precious metals and critical minerals. It assists in extending asset life, reduces cut-off grades, and enables recovery from untapped tailings, turning waste into assets.

A cost-effective and non-toxic reagent that dramatically reduces the amount of chemicals required, glycine is fully biodegradable, and is unique in its ability to selectively leach certain base and precious metals with minimal dissolution of gangue minerals.

“Glycine is not chemically consumed and is therefore recoverable and recyclable – providing a major cost advantage over and above the reduction of traditional reagent chemicals and resultant detoxification costs.” concludes Warren.