Digitisation is key to contractor transparency, says Saryx

7th February 2024 By: Tracy Hancock - Creamer Media Contributing Editor

Digitisation is key to contractor transparency, says Saryx

Compliance, health and safety, and environmental awareness are central to long-term sustainability and are achieved by maintaining rigorous standards and improved visibility and/or transparency. However, some mines still employ old-fashioned lever arch, paper-based files in pursuit of this outcome, says electronic engineering and software development company Saryx Engineering.

“The time and effort wasted on these files by contractors is pointless and ineffective. The HSEC Online® digital solution will help mining companies and their contractors improve this aspect of their business at an affordable price,” says Saryx Engineering CEO Ingrid Osborne.

Saryx has most recently rolled out its solution at various mining companies, including Glencore Alloys, Seriti Coal, Seriti Power, South32, Africoal and DRD Gold, and signs up about 100 companies a month on average.

This year, the company’s scheduled implementations will cover 14 countries, including some in North and South America.

“We have over nine-million documents saved with over 200 000 daily users and have had an average yearly growth of more than 90% since inception in 2017,” highlights Osborne.

HSEC Online® allows contractors to digitise documents alongside mining companies to have control, visibility and accountability.

“Being able to share their performance on a digital platform with mining companies is efficient and effective. And mining companies know that they are doing business with contractors that are responsible and transparent,” advances Osborne.

She explains that less paper not only means fewer opportunities for data losses, errors and theft but also reduces the risk of injuries and fatalities.

“Digitisation, not only in the operational space, is the only answer to health and safety and there can be no doubt that it can be implemented effectively and immediately.

“As engineers and contractors to large mining companies, we understand the complexity and frustrations associated with on-site compliance, health and safety, quality and environmental regulations.”