DFC discusses what drives its innovation

4th March 2024

DFC discusses what drives its innovation

Valves supplier Dynamic Fluid Control (DFC) COO Mlungisi Cele sheds light on key aspects of the company's approach to innovation, competition, operational excellence, industry trends and collaboration in the mining sector during a video interview at the Investing in African Mining Indaba.

Cele highlights the significance of innovation in the mining industry, emphasising instances where DFC's valve solutions demonstrate innovation, adding significant value to mining operations. Valve solutions are critical in addressing challenges and improving overall operational efficiency in the mining sector.

Discussing DFC's competitive positioning, Cele touches on how DFC distinguishes itself in the valve manufacturing sector for mining applications, making it a preferred choice for mining companies seeking reliable and cost-effective valve solutions.

As the COO overseeing operations, he delves into the strategies in place to ensure operational excellence in delivering valve solutions to mining clients. Cele highlights initiatives and measures to guarantee reliability and efficiency in DFC's products and services.

The focus then shifts to industry trends and adaptation. Cele explains how DFC stays abreast of the latest mining technology trends and ensures that its valve solutions align with changing needs and technological advancements in the mining sector.

Addressing strategic collaboration and partnerships, he unpacks DFC's initiatives related to black economic empowerment, local content manufacturing, international operations and distributor relationships. These collaborations play a role in enhancing DFC's position as a leading valve manufacturer in the mining sector and contribute to the company's innovative solutions.