De Beers subsidiary unveils synthetic screening device for multiple stones

6th June 2017 By: Creamer Media Reporter

JOHANNESBURG ( – Diamond giant De Beers’ International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR) subsidiary on Tuesday unveiled a synthetic screening device to test multiple stones in set jewellery at once without the need for a probe.

Synthdetect, which also has a low referral rate of around 0.05%, uses the group’s patented luminescence technology to rapidly and simultaneously screen stones set in jewellery pieces, including rings, earrings, bangles, broaches and necklaces.

“The very low referral rate dramatically reduces the need for additional and potentially costly testing compared with many other synthetic screening products which can have referral rates approaching 10%,” IIDGR president Jonathan Kendall said in a statement.

The technology had been specifically designed for back office use to support jewellery manufacturers and retailers to “quickly, easily and reliably” ensure the authenticity of the diamonds they buy.

The first deliveries of Synthdetect devices are expected to be made in September.