Daniel Petrov

27th November 2020 By: Martin Zhuwakinyu - Creamer Media Senior Deputy Editor

Daniel Petrov

Full Name: Daniel Petrov

Position: MD of Peikko South Africa

Main Activity of the Company: Peikko South Africa is a designer and manufacturer/supplier of products and systems for slim floor structures, wind energy applications and connection technology for precast and cast-in-situ projects

Date and Place of Birth: February 13, 1967, Ruse, Bulgaria

Education: BSc (Civil and Structural Engineering), MEng

First Job: Site engineer on an industrial project in Bulgaria

Career History Prior to Current Position: Technical director, hollow-core

manufacturer/supplier in Johannesburg

Size of First Pay Packet: I cannot recall; it was 30 years ago

First Job with Present Group: MD

Value of Assets under Your Control: Not stated

Number of People under Your Leadership: It’s a small team

Management Style: I am a democratic manager

Personal Best Achievement: Humanity – as a result of enduring pain

Professional Best Achievement: Striving for excellence in what we love to do in our business

Person Who Has Had the Biggest Influence on Your Life: My mother

Person Who Has Had the Biggest Influence on Your Career: Sir Richard Branson and Vladimir Putin

Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Sir Richard Branson

Businessperson Who Has Impressed You Most: Sir Richard Branson

Philosophy of Life: Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose

Biggest Ever Opportunity: Staying alive

Biggest Ever Disappointment: Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom

Hope for the Future: Do something today that your future self will thank you for

Favourite Reading: Who Moved My Cheese?

Favourite TV Programme: None

Favourite Food/Drink: All

Favourite Music: 80s

Favourite Sport: Soccer, rugby and tennis

Favourite Website: www.peikko.com

Hobbies: Swimming and reading

Car: Isuzu 4 × 4

Pets: Three cats and three dogs

Miscellaneous Dislikes: None

Favourite Other South African Company: None

Favourite Foreign Company: Not stated

Married: To Marchell, since June 1, 1996

Children: Jamie, 15; Molly, 13; Alex, 11

Clubs: None