12th March 2021


Countrywide specialises in the repair of tractors, forklifts, earth moving equipment, cranes, load-haul-dump (LHD) machines, graders, loaders and  flameproof underground mining machinery. 

We have a variety of Service Exchange Units available:

New Holland Front axle with brakes

New Holland Front axle without brakes

New Holland 8spd gearbox

New Holland 12spd gearbox

Left & Right hand trumpets

New Holland Rear axles

New Holland Transfer Boxes

Spicer 12/152 Axle

Spicer 112/75 Axle

Spicer 212/949 Axle

Spicer 212/956 Axle

Spicer 123/138 Axle

Spicer 123/139 Axle

Spicer 212/338 Axle