Cost-effective gas detection, vibration multisensor network suited to mining applications

19th October 2012

Israel-based air quality monitoring technology provider AirBase Systems and Germany-based manufacturer of industrial input devices and peripherals, Code Mercenaries, have partnered to offer a cost-effective combined sensing network, called Mines SensNet, to the mining industry.

The new Mines SensNet network will integrate AirBase's CanarIT0.1 air quality multisensor with Code Mercenaries’ JoyWarrior24F14 (JW24F14) three-axis acceleration sensor designed for environmental and health and safety applications.

The multisensor units are equipped with Wi-Fi or global system for mobile communications (GSM) Internet connection capabilities and are designed to be deployed in large numbers to operate as one sensing network.

AirBase’s CanarIT0.1 measures ozone, nitrogen oxide, total volatile organic compound, particulate matter, relative humidity, temperature and noise.

The product, CanarIT, combines nanotechnology sensors with Internet connectivity to deliver air quality data to the AirBase data cloud.

Code Mercenaries’ acceleration sensor measures tilt and low-frequency vibration, as well as human input applications.

Further, the JW24F14 features X, Y and Z axes and a 14-bit resolution, each with 125 value a second.

Code Mercenaries CEO Guido Körber says, by adding its cost-effective acceleration sensors to AirBase Systems products, it is possible to detect a whole new range of potential hazards, such as seismic activity and changes in inclination.

“AirBase Systems is extremely excited to partner with Code Mercenaries to offer a unique solution to the mining industry. We do hope that the new technology will assist in safeguarding miners’ health and lives,” says AirBase Systems cofounder and marketing VP Liad Ortar.