Ball valves launched

19th May 2023

Flow control products and services for global infrastructure markets provider Flowserve, announced the release of the Worcester 51/52 series reduced port flanged ball valves.

These quarter-turn, floating ball valves have been re-engineered for global availability by standardising design, materials, construction and product certifications. Target applications for the valves include controlling the flow of liquids or gases in the following industries: chemicals processing, petrochemicals, energy, defence, food and beverage, industrial gases, pharmaceuticals and water.

The bubble-tight shut-off design and robust, live-loading packing in these valves minimise fugitive emissions, enhance safety, and maximise regulatory and standards compliance. Featuring a redesigned end plug, the valves ensure positive retention and greatly reduce blowout risk.

“These products offer superior reliability and exceptional leakage resistance due to improved live-loaded stem sealing. They are certified to the market’s latest fire-safe, fugitive emissions standards,” says Flowserve global product leader Daniel Dillon.

In addition to improving safety for workers, process fluids and equipment, customers will benefit from lower total cost of ownership thanks to the interchangeability of widely available parts. Flowserve’s technical services are also available through the company’s global network of Quick Response Centres.

Bluetooth App

Flowserve released its FlowSync Bluetooth Actuator App. The cross-platform mobile application provides plant operators with a smarter way to commission, monitor, control and update actuators in a safe and convenient manner.

“The FlowSync app offers easy and straightforward configuration and diagnostic options that can be accessed through a touchscreen device. It enables operators to digitalise their equipment and processes, and helps them save time and money on the commissioning and maintenance of actuation equipment,” says Flowserve electric actuators global product leader Mark Stone.

The app is available for download and is compatible with Limitorque MX Series B (MXb) nonintrusive, multiturn, smart electric actuators in a varierty of industries.

Plant operators and technicians benefit from the Flowserve FlowSync app because they can easily and securely configure or change actuator settings remotely.

The app’s dashboard helps users identify issues by displaying actuator status, valve/actuator position, torque and speed, along with temperature measurements. Moreover, fast and reliable expert support from Flowserve support specialists is available through the app.