New ecofriendly blaster instrument introduced

17th February 2023 By: Leah Shelene Asaram - Features Reporter

High-quality corrosion instrumentation supplier BAMR introduced the ecofriendly Bristle Blaster Cordless instrument – a product of blasting solutions company MontiPower – to the local market in April last year.

BAMR is the Southern African distributor of the Bristle Blaster range including the Cordless.

Manufactured and developed in Germany, the Bristle Blaster Cordless does not generate hazardous waste, thereby ‘greening’ industry’s approach to corrosion removal and surface preparation of steel components.

BAMR director Graham Duk says the Bristle Blaster Cordless is the first cordless hand-held brush belt system globally that produces a quality of surface roughness comparable to that achieved by 'grit blasting'.

The Bristle Blaster Cordless can remove corrosion and coatings quickly and thoroughly while creating surface preparation grades compatible with ISO 8501-1 Sa 2½–3 and roughness levels of up to 120 µm.

Duk says that the primary advantages of the Bristle Blaster Cordless are its simplicity and economic benefits, as it requires no electricity. It comes with two 18 V / Lithium-Ion High Density 5.5 Ah batteries and a quick charger, therefore making it ideal to use during loadshedding.

“This instrument is perfect for spot-repairs, removal of mill scale, corrosion and old protective coatings, and a range of fabrication and infrastructure-support operations.”

It is also used in the industrial, automotive, shipping, aeronautical and/or construction industries.

Consequently, surfaces that have been treated using the Bristle Blaster Cordless have a texture and visual cleanliness that mimics those obtained by traditional grit-blasting processes, he notes.

The bristle tips are designed to strike the corroded surface with kinetic energy that is equivalent to standard processes that use grit blast media. Immediately after the bristle tips strike the surface, they retract from the surface, which results in corrosion removal and micro-indentation that exposes the fresh surface, Duk explains.

Although the Bristle Blaster Cordless operates at about 2 500 rpm, it does not create the dust levels of conventional abrasive blasting, allowing for its use in dust sensitive and populated areas.

Moreover, Duk says the Bristle Blaster Cordless is highly mobile and can be used in most applications. It comes with a built-in safety switch and anti-vibration handle, as well as a robust front head.

“It is considered to be the best option for small, localised areas, owing to [its] portability.”

Duk says the Bristle Blaster Cordless has proven successful in renewable-energy projects, such as those using wind turbines and offshore oil rigs. It was used for the ‘facelift’ of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, during the construction phase of the world’s largest liquid natural gas train, and various other projects.