Carlisle TyrFil - Manufacturer of polyurethane tyre fill

30th July 2021

Carlisle TyrFil - Manufacturer of polyurethane tyre fill

Year of Formation and Background to Founding:
For the past 50 years, Carlisle TyrFil has been the definitive leader in tyre flatproofing systems. The TyrFil™ Flatproofing brand, which was originally founded in 1971 and marketed for many years by ArncoPathway, has blazed trails within the industry for the past five decades. TyrFil technology was the first polyurethane tyre fill material intended specifically to flatproof off the road (OTR) tyres. The TyrFil brand and accompanying adjunct solutions were subsequently acquired and managed by Accella Performance Materials, and most recently, by Carlisle Construction Materials. The brand’s growth flourished under both entities, which collectively infused world class science, research and development (R&D) and technical development into the TyrFil offering that catapulted the technology to preeminence and market leadership.  Today, TyrFil, along with its integrated tyre productivity formulas, is used in 65 countries around the globe.  With more than 500 years of combined experience, no other tyre flatproofing company in the industry can match Carlisle’s heritage of innovation, product excellence and customer and technical support, which remain a hallmark of the TyrFil brand.  

Company Mission, Products & Services:
TyrFil stands alone in the industry as the one global tyre fill provider that seamlessly integrates international manufacturing, technical service, and sales support capabilities all under a single supply chain management umbrella.  The technology is widely recognized as the market gold-standard model for polyurethane tyre fill.  Key products include TyrFil™ Flatproofing, TLC Tyre & Rim Protection™ and ReSeal™ Tire Protection.  The company’s production facilities in California, Tennessee, Ohio, Germany and China have processed over 1-billion pounds since establishment of the TyrFil brand.  As the global leader, Carlisle TyrFil will continue to invest heavily in R&D to develop innovative products that not only advance tyre flatproofing technology, but also strive to further support operator safety and sustainability for traditional OTR tyre industries (primarily mining and construction, along with waste management, agribusiness, and military applications).

Current Shareholders:
In 2017, TyrFil became a brand of Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Carlisle Companies.  CCM is a diversified manufacturer and supplier of premium building products and related technologies for the commercial and residential construction markets.   
Number of People Employed:
Carlisle TyrFil presently employs 80 people.

Greatest Corporate Achievement:
Our greatest accomplishment as a brand has been to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our signature TyrFil formulation in 2021.  Carlisle TyrFil is proud to be the leading supplier to the world’s top equipment manufacturers and has the most OEM tyre fill approvals in the industry.  Carlisle TyrFil also has proved that innovation and sustainability can coexist and become a distinct competitive advantage.  During the past two decades, the company has introduced next generation technology that significantly reduces the usage of oil, petrochemicals, toxic metals, and other environmentally harmful compounds.

Hope for the Future:
Carlisle TyrFil proudly exports to 60+ countries around the globe.  As the Covid-19 pandemic begins to ease in various parts of the world, it our sincere hope that we can once again resume normalized operations—and visit our clients in-person. Carlisle is also pleased to offer the industry a flatproofing method that is eco-friendly and sustainable—to help our customer-partners to effectively lower their carbon footprint and deter additional tyre carcasses from going into already overfilled international landfills.