Cad system installed by GMSA

29th October 2004 By: Deborah Spicer

A multimillion-dollar computer-aided design (Cad) system called Unigraphics has been adopted by General Motors South Africa (GMSA). This state-of-the-art software application, used by GM operations around the globe, is a highly-specialised application used for designing Boeing aircraft, among other transportation vehicles.

Procurement and engineering director Evan Dold explains that GMSA was the first manufacturer to adopt the system in the country. “Initially, the company purchased the software for five Cad designers and we have now spent over R500 000 on licence fees and training,” he says. “With the integration into GM we now have access to the company’s product design data from source plants around the globe. “These resources will enable us to significantly improve our design capability. There is also opportunity for local component design for the global automotive organisation. South Africans are demanding customers and some of the components which we have engineered for the local market are regarded to be of a high standard and have been enthusiastically received by other operations.”