Burners supplied for all applications

11th August 2006 By: Bert Swart

South African combustion-system specialist the Combustion Group (TCG) installs burners of high quality in the furnace industry and represents international agencies within southern Africa, taking on projects from small designs to projects of approximately R11-million.

The company’s burner portfolio covers the full spectrum of applications, from crematorium technology to the heaviest industrial equipment, says project business unit manager Andre Joubert.  The company consists of three different business units working in synergy to ensure client requirements are met.

The parts unit procures the supply of burners from agencies, and its stockholding ability exceeds R6-mil- lion at any time.

Joubert says that it is due to its high stockholding value that the company has a good name within the industry.

The second unit is the project segment, which represents about 40% of group turnover and is mostly related to new projects.

The third unit, services, is one of the main reasons that the company continues to grow, Joubert says.

“The company needs to be out there when a breakdown occurs at the client’s operations.” Maintenance as a service is high on TCG’s priority list, he emphasises.

Maintenance contracts include for the optimisation of plants, in order to save fuel for the owners and he believes “the less fuel burned, the bigger the profits will be”.

In addition, the company deals with the problem of hazardous combustion.

Some of the plants it works on use natural gas and oil, and, in some cases, recovered oil.

The more complex the applica-tions and the design of the system are, the more expertise is needed to keep the product running.

However, companies generally do not have inhouse access to the neccessary expertise.

TCG has the ability to suit the needs of clients and design an end-to-end solution, Joubert says.

Further, the spectrum of plants designed and manufactured or delivered by the company varies tremendously.

Projects in progress
One of the company’s biggest pro-jects has been a gas conversion for the Mozal plant in Mozambique, where it has completed a fuel-to-gas conversion in the Mozal holding furnaces.

The company also designed and installed burners in other plants drying heavy minerals extractions and recently installed a burner trolley arrangement at Bayside smelter for diversified resources group BHP Billiton.

The gas burner trolley arrangement improved the heat-up cycle of the pots and ensured even distribution of heating, increasing the life expectancy of the pots.

With the help of its technical experts, the company also secured a contract to supply a 12 400-kW hot-gas generator to be erected at a smelter for a large South African mining house.

The function of the hot-gas generator was to supplement heat when the plant was idling.

The hot gas generated is passed through a tube or shell heat- exchanger, heating up process acid gases at a flow rate of 40 000 normal cubic metres an hour, to a tempera-ture of 510