Bram de Klerk, Sasol

10th September 2004 By: Laura Franz

Full name: Abraham de Klerk

Position: Group GM Sasol Limited, 2003

Main activity of the company: Oil, gas, chemicals, mining

Date of birth: 1951

Education: BSc (Mech) Eng, University of Pretoria, 1973; MBA, Potchefstroom University, 1978

First job: Assistant design engineer Sasol, 1973

Career history prior to current position: MD Sasol Synfuels 1998; MD Natref 1993

Value of assets under your control: R90 000-million

Number of people under your leadership: 7 500

Management style: Shaper, collecting competent people

Personal best achievement: Current job

Professional best achievement: Current job

Person who has had the biggest influence on your life: Many – never met a person I could not learn something from

Person who you would most like to meet: Albert Einstein

Philosophy of life: Give, don’t take. Enjoy life, make it worthwhile!

Biggest ever opportunity: Help to build new global Sasol and GTL industry

Hope for the future: A prosperous South Africa

Favourite reading: Variety, it’s the spice of life!

Favourite food/drink: Italian food and red wine

Favourite music: Classical: Bach, Beethoven, Monteverdi, etc

Favourite sport: Swimming

Hobbies: Carpentry, home upkeep

Car: Audi A6; 4,2 Quattro

Pets: Airedale terriers

Miscellaneous dislikes: Not doing things properly

Favourite other South African company: SABMiller

Favourite foreign company: Fluor

Married: Anna Ebersohn in 1975

Children: Two daughters; two sons, aged from 18 to 26

Clubs: None