BME launches new emulsion brand, eyeing North American market

6th April 2018 By: Nadine James - Features Deputy Editor

After three decades of advancement in its emulsion offerings, South Africa-based explosives manufacturer BME is subsuming its well-known brands, such as HEF and Megapump, under the name of Innovex.

According to BME ammonium nitrate-based products, equipment and services product manager Dr Rakhi Pathak, the motivation for the name change is mainly to accommodate the steady expansion of the company’s markets globally – as well as to reflect the technological developments and diverse solutions within the range.

Having grown steadily from its origins in 1984, BME has, through continuous investment in technology and research, become a market leader in South Africa, producing emulsion products developed to suit many specific applications. A range of other offerings in packaged products and electronic detonation have also been developed, with many now holding market-leading status. BME’s cold emulsion product remains the backbone of the company’s technology that supports the non-electric and electronic systems.

“We have retained a steady focus on innovation and customer service across the company, which has allowed us to grow throughout Africa and also into Australasia, South-East Asia and South America,” said Pathak.

“We are now gearing up to enter the North American markets, and the time has come where we need our global brand to be streamlined and easily identified.”

As such, both the underground and opencast emulsion products now fall under the Innovex brand.

Pathak concluded that the new product names had already been trademarked in BME’s primary markets.