Automation trend prompts actuation range introduction

11th March 2022

Automation trend prompts actuation  range introduction

AUTOMATED FUTURE EMV Africa anticipated that processes involving valves will become automated

The growing trend of automation has led to stainless steel and valves supplier EMV Africa introducing its own actuation range.

The company is preparing for the eventuality that many processes involving valves will become fully automated.

EMV Africa offers pneumatic actuators that have an aluminium body, and internal and external corrosion protection. The pneumatic actuator is versatile, requires minimal maintenance and can handle rapid opening and closing.

The company supplies pneumatic rack and pinion actuators that are suitable for quarter-turn valves.

The actuators are available in various torque ranges, from 10 Nm to 10 000 Nm, and feature external travel stops and Namur air supply connections on all models.

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 5211-accredited base mounting allows for the actuator’s easy installation directly on to a compatible valve or it can interface through an ISO-accredited bracket and coupling.

The actuator achieves efficiency through control, thereby enhancing productivity. Through the actuator, EMV Africa can provide a “one-stop valve and automation service” that caters to a wider range of customer requirements. It is also ideal for a wider range of industrial applications, EMV Africa valves product manager Preshan Pillay explains.

He adds that the introduction of the actuator complements the company’s extensive range of stainless steel components.

The company supplies a variety of commodity-type valves that are suited to the mining industry’s specifications, as well as its quality and pricing requirements.

The company’s flanged, carbon steel and stainless steel ball valves, as well as the stainless steel-threaded valves, are ideal for mining operations, as these valves are “affordable and perform well in the mining climate”, Pillay highlights.

“We have added a direct mount option on these valves to ensure actuation turnaround is minimal. This helps with the demand for a quick solution, which we have found to be common in the mining industry.”

EMV Africa focuses on offering a complete solution for customers. Pillay says the company strives to provide customers with “excellent service, from the initial phase of determining their requirements to after-sales service”.

He explains that, while the knock-on effects of the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in freight delays and cost increases, EMV Africa has mitigated the impact by managing customers’ delivery expectations and keeping them updated on further delays to ensure that they continue to receive the best service possible.

With the difficulties caused by the pandemic over the past two years, EMV Africa was forced to focus on survival. Throughout the pandemic, the company worked to ensure that it was able to “come out on a strong footing”.

EMV Africa aims to grow in all avenues of its business this year.

“We feel that we are now able to look towards the future,” concludes Pillay.