Australia’s Pinderi Hills region reveals rich resources

15th December 2023 By: Simone Liedtke - Creamer Media Social Media Editor & Senior Writer

Following months of compiling historical data, conducting site visits and reviewing geological information from past exploration and drill activities in the Pinderi Hills region, in Australia, iron-ore miner Alien Metals has confirmed that the findings position the company in a better position to develop the Pinderi Hills precinct for base metals, platinum, palladium and silver.

Some of the findings from key base metals include a one-meter section from a depth of 35 m revealing concentrations of 3.98% copper, 12 troy ounces of silver and 0.95% nickel.

Additionally, results showcased notable results with one-meter at 3.5% copper, 125 troy ounces silver and 0.58% nickel from a depth of 2 m.

Further insights unveiled promising mineralisation, contributing to the overall optimism surrounding the potential for encountering valuable polymetallic deposits within the Elizabeth Hill mining lease, the miner says.

The Pinderi Hills precinct is home to the miner’s Elizabeth Hill project, a high-grade silver deposit and the Munni Munni platinum-group metals prospect.

While previous exploration efforts primarily focused on precious metals – gold and silver – owing to low historical base metals prices, Alien Metals reported in September 2023 that various historical exploration targets for nickel and copper, and other base metals, have been identified in the precinct.

Following a comprehensive review of historical data on the Elizabeth Hill mining lease, which concentrated on native silver metal discoveries, a substantial opportunity for high-grade polymetallic mineralisation has arisen.

Some of these results extend beyond known mineralisation zones, suggesting potential extensions to the silver resource envelope, the miner says, reiterating plans to conduct targeted exploration activities on additional base metal targets. As such, Alien Metals has initiated detailed aerial reconnaissance over the Pinderi Hills area.

CEO Troy Whittaker says that while Alien Metals’ priority will remain on the development of the Hancock iron-ore project, “it is pleasing to see the detailed work by the geology team to continue focusing on valuable nickel, copper and other base metals targets that have been overlooked by previous explorers”.

The Elizabeth Hill silver mine is part of the “greater opportunity” the company must make in identifying significant new discoveries in the unique multi-commodity, mineral-rich province of Pinderi Hills.