Astron Energy launches the Astron Energy fleetcard app

27th July 2023

Astron Energy launches the Astron Energy fleetcard app

Following the launch of the Astron Energy fleetcard in 2022, fuel company Astron Energy has now added a further feature with the launch of the new fleetcard app to help their fleetcard customers maximise savings.

The app is a great tool for drivers on the road to enable easy access to Astron Energy’s network of over 535 fleetcard-enabled service stations.

The Astron Energy fleetcard app provides easy-to-use route mapping to help business fleet operators make the most of Astron Energy’s extensive network of sites across South Africa– including dedicated truck stops. The company operates the largest network of fleetcard-enabled sites in the country.

Axola Myendeki, Astron Energy Direct Sales Manager, said the fleetcard app was one more way the fuel company was seeking to provide smart solutions to business fleet owners.

“We understand how challenging the operating environment is due to growing economic pressures which impact the bottom line of businesses,” Myendeki said.

Operational efficiencies

South Africa is facing strong economic headwinds, driven by higher operating costs due to factors such as loadshedding and rising interest rates. The difficult operating environment has seen the International Monetary Fund peg the country’s economic growth at only 0.1% for 2023.

Businesses and the economy are needing to scrap for every saving in order to remain sustainable and to help preserve jobs and livelihoods.

In this context, the Astron Energy fleetcard provides greater route planning efficiencies and is an important tool for progressive fleet operators looking to maximise on their diesel cost savings. These benefits combine to assist businesses operating in a very challenging economic climate.

Saving on diesel

Fuel – especially with rising fuel prices - is one of the major operating expenses for most businesses, especially those with large transport operations such as vehicle fleets. Between January 2022 and December 2022, the price of diesel rose significantly, increasing by R6.68, or 38.7%, per litre.

With the Astron Energy fleetcard, Astron Energy can provide transport operators with special pricing based on the wholesale list price of diesel rather than the retail pump price. Volume-based discounts are considered for significant on-road diesel usage, which means that savings could be considerably more for higher-volume users.

“Reducing a business fleet’s fuel spend through the use of the Astron Energy fleetcard, coupled with the use of the Astron Energy fleetcard app for better route planning to take advantage of discounts on diesel, helps ensure greater sustainability for a business,” Myendeki added.

Astron Energy fleetcard

The Astron Energy fleetcard is accepted at Caltex and Astron Energy fleetcard-enabled sites. The fleetcard has alliances with the four major banks – ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank and Nedbank – and is linked to a customer's existing fleet facility and credit line at the alliance bank.

Astron Energy furthermore offers fleetcard owners the option of a Closed or Open BIN option, or a comBINation of the two. Closed BIN cards can only be used at Astron Energy or StarCard outlets. However, the Open BIN StarCard option makes provision for emergency fill-ups at Caltex service stations that are not StarCard outlets and any other oil company site at full pump prices. Closed and Open BIN cards can also be used for cross-border fuelling at selected Caltex sites in Botswana at retail pump price.

Myendeki said: “As a partner to businesses and fleet operators, Astron Energy is constantly looking to use technology to help our customers extract the most from their operations.

“We believe the Astron Energy fleetcard app is just one more way in which we can add value to our customers’ operations to improve their bottom line.”

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