Anglo American Zimele, Jobs Fund support agricultural entrepreneurs

24th May 2016

Anglo American’s enterprise development arm Zimele has collaborated with the National Treasury’s Jobs Fund to support the establishment of 490 agricultural entrepreneurs through projects such as the Lambasi agricultural initiative – a jointly owned farming operation trading as Fundirite, in the Eastern Cape.

The Lambasi agricultural initiative would soon celebrate its second harvest after having successfully aggregated 900 ha of arable land into a single commercial farming entity, representing 490 individual landowners.

In addition to stimulating economic activity in Lambasi, the initiative had also garnered 100 seasonal jobs and significant offtake agreements for beans, yellow and white maize, and other agricultural produce with Farmwise Grains.

Anglo American Zimele’s Sebenza Fund – the jointly funded entity with the Jobs Fund –  had invested R14-million in Fundirite to finance land preparation, input costs, planting, harvesting and training, as well as the technical support provided by an international nonprofit agency Technoserve.

As part of the training and development programme, 294 farmers have been trained to date in technical and business related aspects.