Alcohol Breathalysers

27th January 2023

Alcohol Breathalysers

Alcohol Breathalysers was established in 2004 with the aim to make reliable, affordable and accurate digital breathalysers available to ensure that all businesses and individuals can gain access to alcohol testing equipment. The company offers the widest range of alcohol testers available in Africa including professional, industry, law-enforcement, business and personal models.

Improve safety in your workplace and business by reducing the risk of alcohol-related accidents occurring in your workplace and save the lives of on-site workers and drivers out on the roads.

Increase the productivity of your workforce by ensuring that workers are not under the influence of alcohol whilst on the job.

Alcohol Breathalysers also offer cost savings by reducing the money spent on dealing with alcohol related accidents in the workplace. You can also save money that is usually lost through lack of productivity and repairing damaged company assets.

The company's leading product is the iBlow10 no-contact industry and law-enforcement breathalyser. The iBlow10 is a high-speed no-contact alcohol breathalyser screener for testing drivers at roadblocks and workers entering industrial sites. 

A built-in magnet enables the iBlow10 to be adhered to most metal surfaces including poles, beams and security gates for no-touch self-breath testing. The iBlow10 has a SuraCell fuel cell sensor for ethanol specific alcohol testing, which provides a long calibration cycle of one year. It provides up to 12 tests per minute without the use of mouth pieces, with active and passive testing for when drivers or workers have difficulty exhaling. Paper straws may be used for extra social distancing. The unit indicates a digital display of results as well as a green or red bright LED display based on a pass or fail.