African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) - Women in Mining

11th August 2023

African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) - Women in Mining

Tsundzukani Mhlanga – Finance Director

My job entails overall accountability for financial reporting, governance, risk management, information technology and efficient and optimal capital allocation across the African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) Group. I am responsible for building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, which include joint venture partners, bankers, internal and external auditors, insurance providers and investors. As an Executive Director of the ARM board, I actively participate in all strategic discussions and decisions at board, board committee and executive committee meetings. I present the Group’s financial performance at results presentations and investor roadshows. 

ARM is a dynamic company – never a dull moment and no two days are the same. I love that I am constantly challenged by being involved in all areas of the business and being exposed to colleagues who are experts in their fields. Also, the fact that ARM is committed to investing in our operations’ host communities, through local economic development and social and labour plans, makes it a company that I am proud to be a part of. 

Words of encouragement: No task is too small or insignificant. Do those tasks diligently and with excellence. If you are faithful with the little, you will eventually be entrusted with much. Also, make sure to carve out time to have fun and rest – very important!

Motto: In all your getting, get understanding.


Dr Busisiwe “Busi” Tshabalala – Group Executive: Human Resources

My role involves driving the Group human capital strategy by integrating five strategic pillars i.e. strategic workforce planning,

talent management, learning and development, performance enhancement, and IR 4.0, which serves as an overarching pillar. Through this comprehensive approach, I ensure that our workforce is fully integrated and engaged through various learning and development programmes and human capital interventions. We celebrate both small and significant achievements to foster a culture that values people and embraces diversity.

As the custodian of people management and the entire human resources function, I oversee an integrated human resources data management system that utilises predictive analytics to map and manage our talent. This system helps identify each employee’s profile for career advancement, succession planning and individual development.

Working closely with the executive team, I address day-to-day operational challenges and ensure compliance with legislative processes. I also provide regular reports to relevant internal committees, keeping leadership informed on human capital trends and best practices, thereby ensuring our competitiveness and upholding governance to mitigate human capital risks.

To secure top talent, we have established professional partnerships and collaborations with various bodies and education institutions for talent acquisition, sourcing and attraction. Personally, I recognise the significance of learning and development in my own success and achievements. Embracing opportunities to learn and being open to new knowledge and advocating for others to do the same is invaluable for making a positive impact and reaching personal and professional goals.

Words of encouragement: Maintaining authenticity and embracing our identity as women in the mining industry is crucial. We should never feel the need to conform or change who we are to fit into a predominantly male-dominated environment. Instead, we should be proud of our gender and the unique perspectives and strengths we bring to the table. Embracing our gender and acknowledging the value of our diverse viewpoints can result in more innovative solutions and a richer work environment for everyone involved.

Motto: Be your own authentic self and focus on the bigger picture.


Amu Modau – Operations SHERQ Manager: ARM Platinum and Coal

I am responsible for implementing health, safety and environmental risk strategies to ensure the safe and sustainable production of our operations. My passion lies in preserving lives and ensuring that employees can return home each day without harm and with their health intact. Working in the mining industry, which can be unpredictable and occasionally unsafe, demands that we consistently employ effective strategies to mitigate risks.

Moreover, I firmly believe in mining with a long-term perspective, considering the social and economic impacts on our communities. It is essential that we consider these factors to ensure that the communities we operate in are not negatively affected by our presence.

For me, kindness is of utmost importance. My role provides me with a platform to apply this value in all that I do, especially when it comes to engaging with our employees and promoting a culture of safety, health and environmental consciousness throughout our operations.

Words of encouragement: Be yourself. You do not need to be a man to make it in mining; always pull one sister with you as you climb the ladder.

Motto: Be kind. Breathe in courage because we are all a work in progress.


Rilette Avenant – Executive Logistics: ARM Ferrous

I hold overall accountability and responsibility for the following key areas of bulk logistics, encompassing iron ore export and domestic, manganese ore export and domestic, and manganese alloy.

I am responsible for charting the strategic direction of our bulk logistics operations. These plans are closely aligned to the future production profiles and marketing strategies of the company. My role is also to provide comprehensive operational oversight for all bulk logistics functions, ensuring smooth and efficient execution. This includes monitoring performance, optimising processes, and implementing best practices to enhance overall logistics efficiency.

I actively participate in high-level decision-making and represent the logistics interests of the company as well contractual negotiations to ensure favourable terms and conditions of our logistics requirement.  Collaborating with industry peers to address logistics challenges faced by the mining industry is key as it contributes to the development of effective logistics solutions and practices.

At the core of my responsibilities, is ensuring the seamless transportation and delivery of our commodities, supporting the overall success and growth of the ferrous operations.

I find great fulfilment in the fast-paced and highly pressurised nature of my job. In the world of logistics, time is of the essence, and quick decision-making is essential in the face of constantly changing and dynamic environments. 

Words of encouragement: Dedication to your craft demonstrates your passion and commitment, earning you the admiration and respect of your peers and colleagues. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and persevere in the face of obstacles especially in the male dominated sectors.

Motto:  Energy and persistence conquer all things - never give up.