3rd Annual Mine Security Conference & Expo

20th March 2024 By: Unknown

The two-day conference will focus on protecting mineral resources & infrastructure by applying stronger mine security measures through intelligence sharing.

At this year’s conference, an update will be provided on specialized security units and stakeholders working together to deal with the threat of illegal mining and its deteriorating effects. Additionally, the conference will tackle hard hitting topics such as: Organised crime in South Africa and the theft of PGMS, securitization efforts of industries, financial intelligence gathering to strengthen investigations and prosecutions as well as finding the political will to stop corruption and the powers behind the scenes.

Latest technology and security enablers will  be exhibited in finding fit-for-purpose solutions. Creating a platform where mine security stakeholder can collaborate and share intelligence will be enabled through an open forum and panel discussion to find urgent solutions in fighting back as a unified front.

Presentations will be delivered by major mining companies and law enforcement entities.  For a full conference brochure, to exhibit or participate email  info@pinpointstewards.co.za