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Hazleton Pumps Profile

Founded in 1979 Hazleton Pumps, a family owned business located in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa, repaired submersible pumps and electric motors for the mines and industries.  The harsh mining conditions in South Africa caused a high rate of failure of these repaired submersible pumps and this lead to the design, development and manufacture of specialised pumping solutions that are capable of pumping acidic liquids containing solids under various conditions. 

The main cause of submersible pumps failing is due to the pump running dry and overheating.  This problem was overcome by filling the motor housing with oil serving two functions - to dissipate the heat from the electrical winding as well as to lubricate the bearings and mechanical seals.

The motor housing containing the rotor and stator is separated from the discharge pressure of the liquid being pumped using a cantilever shaft design, with a double discharge volute and by applying the latest design software the HIPPO Submersible Slurry Pump Range was born.

Manufactured as a standard from specialised materials such as 28% Hard Chrome casting for abrasive applications and Duplex Stainless Steel Alloys (CD4MCu) castings for acidic environments and with quality being a major objective all the HIPPO Submersible Slurry Pumps are manufactured to comply with ISO 9001-2015 and IEC 60079-1.

A customer centric approach is followed by building long-term, committed, sustainable customer relationships when specific, specialised pumps are designed, developed and manufactured in collaboration with customers in order to meet their individual, customized requirements with products that are reliable, low maintenance, sustainable, efficient and at a reasonable cost of ownership.

Pumping solutions are created capable of meeting the demands of clients in all mining and processing applications. Through customized engineering and advanced technology facilitated by a team of experts to accommodate a wide variety of applications and specific duties such as the following:

  • Flame Proof Submersible Slurry Pump range, designed and manufactured to comply with IEC 60079-1 specifications:

The need for underground coal mines to be able to pump liquids containing solids in a safe and effective way was recognized and in order to achieve this objective the first Flameproof HIPPO Submersible Slurry Pump was manufactured to IEC 60097/1: 2005 Standards to operate underground at Sasol Mines in Secunda in 1992 and to date the HIPPO pump range is still the only flameproof submersible pump range manufactured locally in South Africa.

  • Duplex Stainless Submersible Slurry Pump Range:

Acid mine drainage being a major concern has led to the design and development of the first Duplex Stainless Steel HIPPO Submersible Slurry Pump Range designed to pump abrasive and corrosive liquids and supplied to Middelburg Mines in 1995.

  • The world’s largest Vertical Spindle Froth Slurry Pump:

Apatit phosphate mine in Russia required a Vertical Spindle Froth Pump to pump large volumes and this lead to the design and development of the largest Vertical Spindle Froth Pump of this type to be manufactured in the world and was exported to Russia in 2000.

  • The largest Nickel Alloy Vertical Spindle Pump capable of pumping phosphoric acids:

This pump was developed for the Omnia Phosphate processing plant 2005 to pump phosphoric acid and was manufactured from SANICRO 28 castings and 904L components and it is the largest of its type to be manufactured in South Africa.

  • Medium Voltage; High Volume Submersible Slurry Pump Range:

In order to pump large volume of liquids containing solids using a submersible pump the power requirements compel the use of a medium / high voltage power source, which has to operate in the liquid being pumped. The dangers of using medium / high voltage power in liquid needed to be overcome to ensure the success of this product. The first HIPPO Medium Voltage; High Volume submersible slurry pump was designed; developed and manufactured and sold to a Platinum Mine in South Africa in 2005.

The Oil Sands Mines in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada also required such  pumps which also had operate at temperatures varying from 30oC to -40oC. Special materials of construction had to be selected in order that the pump was capable of pumping liquids containing solids and the Oil Sands Mines have purchased on average two pumps every year and there are currently 23 pumps in operation.

  • Medium Voltage; High Head; High volume Submersible Slurry Pump Range:

In 2014 the world’s first Medium/High Voltage; High Head; High Volume Submersible Slurry Pump was designed, developed and manufactured using a single stage impeller design. 

This pump range is manufactured from specific materials which enables the pumping of acidic liquids containing solids, consists of 5 models capable of pumping up to 350 l/s at a head exceeding 200 meters with an installed power of 1200kW and can operate on both 50Hz and 60Hz power supply.

All manufactured components are cast and manufactured in South Africa and the pumps have a local content of at least 95%. The HIPPO Pump range is exported to various African countries as well as to clients worldwide such as Russia, Canada, Australia and others.

Hazleton Pumps has been continually recognised since the company’s inception with numerous awards and is regarded as a world leader in the pumping of liquids containing solids utilising their branded HIPPO Submersible Slurry Pump Range.

The company was awarded 34 times since 2000 for the design and sustainable development of the HIPPO Slurry Pump range, in recognition of an outstanding contribution to science, engineering, and technology; manufacturing innovation as well as the management of technology.

Hazleton Pumps has 37 years of experience in selling total pumping solutions and will keep on striving to re-define the pumping industry by continuously developing new and/or improving on existing technologies, being responsive to client’s needs, being ecologically responsible and making its service offerings flexible without compromising quality, service or reliability, whilst still offering affordable cost of ownership.