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Iron-ore euphoria of today arising out of iron-ore despair of yesteryear offers crucial policy lesson, says mining analyst in a ‘Postcard to the President’

If you bought R100 000 worth of shares in Kumba Iron Ore at the start of 2016, you would now be sitting on shares worth a staggering R2.67-million, excluding dividends. This is because Kumba’s all-time low share price of R25.35 in January 2016 has skyrocketed 2 647% to R696.45, reflecting the... 

Hydrogen-powered passenger vehicles playing a role in transitioning to low-carbon transport

Demand for platinum in fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) is currently being led by the heavy-duty vehicle segment, principally trucks, buses and fleet vehicles; however, developments in the FCEV passenger vehicle segment highlight that this market is also evolving, says industry organisation... 
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