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Martin Creamer

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Steady hand on the tiller needed to steer South Africa through stormy waters

By: Martin Creamer     5th May 2017 South Africa is going through a dangerous period, with recent political developments putting into sharp focus the urgent need to reverse this country’s decline. At no time since the transition to democracy in 1994 has governance, confidence, justice, peace and stability been at such a low ebb. 

Platinum still in wrong direction, new rock crushing technology, revised charter fails to emerge

By: Martin Creamer     28th April 2017 The platinum price is still too low to keep the industry from inflicting damage to itself; a new rock crushing technology has been launched that is said to cut costs by 10% and increase uptime by the same percentage; and an adviser to the new Finance Minister reportedly tabled a blueprint that... 

Time to accelerate corporate action to alleviate South Africa’s nasty political downturn

By: Martin Creamer     21st April 2017 Listed South African companies are having a torrid time explaining to their foreign investors the implications of South Africa’s rapidly slumping political landscape. The CEOs of JSE-listed companies with significant foreign investors have had to spend an inordinate amount of time outlining the... 

Time for platinum industry to exercise supply discipline in oversupplied market

By: Martin Creamer     14th April 2017 It is difficult to see how some platinum-mining companies can be profitable at the current low dollar price of platinum in the $950/oz range. To continue to produce at current over-supplied levels is unsustainable. 

Mining modernisation a must to compete with global all-comers

By: Martin Creamer     7th April 2017 It does the economies of countries serious harm when government departments go off at administrative tangents, as the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) is doing currently. This is a serious deviation from what was the case under previous DMR leadership, which promoted collective action from... 

It behoves all mines to adhere to new water reporting guide as important first step

By: Martin Creamer     31st March 2017 Water use has been growing at more than twice the rate of population increase in the last century. By 2025, 1 800-million people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity and two-thirds of the world population could be under water stress conditions. 

Mining’s role as economic transformation lever must be used to the full

By: Martin Creamer     24th March 2017 For the past century, the view of mining by the governments of Africa has been deficient as it prioritised rent maximisation and ignored mining's innate ability to function as a powerful lever for structural economic transformation.  Rightfully, this point is being emphasised by the African... 

South Africa Inc must force government to repair damage its ineptitude is causing

By: Martin Creamer     17th March 2017 South Africa’s economic growth remains inadequate to drive the changes required for the country’s socioeconomic challenges and the continued delay in the promulgation of key minerals legislation is deterring the investment required to make South Africa’s mining industry fire on all cylinders.... 

Errant DMR failing to act in best interests of the people of South Africa

By: Martin Creamer     10th March 2017 The Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) is failing to act in the best economic interests of the people of South Africa by continually trying to organise a separate kingdom for itself. Those currently leading the DMR are painting themselves into a corner in a manner that is going to hurt this... 

Mining in sync with Budget’s growth, social equity aims, but surprise dividend tax rise sets cat among pigeons

By: Martin Creamer     3rd March 2017 The response of the Chamber of Mines to last week’s Budget shows that mining is largely in sync with Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s aims of fostering competitive growth and greater social equity. But what the chamber sees as “potentially worrisome” is Gordhan’s surprise 33% hoisting of... 

Mining setting out to spread its benefits to maximum number of people

By: Martin Creamer     24th February 2017 There are many initiatives on the go at the moment that show the willingness of the mining sector to spread its benefits as far and as wide as possible for the benefit of a maximum number of people – and to hurt as few as possible Many mining visions are being enunciated to goad mining towards... 

New mining method needed, conditions for shared value, deglobalisation fears grow

By: Martin Creamer     17th February 2017 Latest estimates indicate that South Africa still has a colossal volume of hundreds of millions of tons of gold ore in the ground. In addition, there are tens of millions tons of high-grade ore locked in underground support pillars, accessible from current infrastructure and amenable to... 

Local fuel cell manufacturing launch good for platinum demand outlook

By: Martin Creamer     10th February 2017 The fuel cell plant launched this week has important potential demand implications for South Africa’s platinum-mining industry. With the Department of Trade and Industry, Isondo Precious Metals, headed by CEO Vinay Somera, has invested in a state-of-the-art German manufacturing plant technology... 

Digitisation momentum building up to boost mine productivity

By: Martin Creamer     3rd February 2017 The word ‘digitisation’ is on the lips of many at conferences and universities these days, with many outlining the notion of the total connectivity bringing significant productivity gains. Step one is said to be vertically integrating the supply chain from the mine stope to the boardroom and step... 

Mining majors use Davos to get their messages across

By: Martin Creamer     27th January 2017 Mining companies featured strongly in a multi-page feature in the edition of Time magazine that followed closely on the heels of the influential World Economic Forum meeting in Davos. Mining majors like South Africa’s Anglo American, America’s Newmont and Canada’s Goldcorp got their messages... 

Errant DMR doing itself out of a job

By: Martin Creamer     20th January 2017 The Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) is evoking increasing disappointment. Instead of doing South Africa proud, it is destroying this country’s reputation as an investment destination.It appears to have scant insight into the importance of economic growth, the need for foreign direct... 

International mining council correct to step in with new slimes dam measures

By: Martin Creamer     16th December 2016 The Samarco disaster, which last year claimed the lives of 19 people in Brazil, destroyed homes, cut off water supplies and damaged landscapes, is a warning to mining companies that mismanagement of their environmental eyesores is going to be punished like never before, with monumental financial... 

New confidence in thermal coal, zinc, nickel, copper, cobalt as demand lifts

By: Martin Creamer     9th December 2016 Mining companies need to be marketing companies as well. A major lesson of the downturn since 2008 is that mining companies need to be right up there with the top trading brains if they are to optimise their businesses and the economies of the countries in which they operate. 

Shared future backed by new social compact is pursuit of business leaders the world over

By: Martin Creamer     2nd December 2016 Earlier this year, Chamber of Mines of South Africa VP Neal Froneman chose the Joburg Indaba to I appeal to each and every mining industry leader to engage with one another on an equal, open and transparent footing whether they be from business, labour r government. He made this utterance against... 

Discredited DMR turns dictator as it makes ill-considered, unattainable demands on struggling industry

By: Martin Creamer     25th November 2016 The Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) has turned into a little dictator that is making ill-considered demands that do not have a snowball’s hope of being met. Instead of following the continent’s African Mining Vision and Zambesi Protocol, the DMR is going to find itself up the creek without... 

Business, labour need to engage on equal, open footing to develop new mining compact

By: Martin Creamer     18th November 2016 The point has been made that mining business and mining labour have never been closer than now and that they need to make use of this window opportunity to establish better foundation between themselves that can shame the government into moving mining forward for the benefit of all South... 

Department of Mineral Resources needs to be challenged, regulatory framework must be derisked, governance has to be provided

By: Martin Creamer     11th November 2016 Business and labour need to combine to shame the government into introducing good governnance into South Africa's regulatory framework for the minerals industry. 

Samarco, Merriespruit, Aberfan mine disasters need to weigh heavily on mining’s conscience to ensure that there is no recurrence

By: Martin Creamer     4th November 2016 Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the horrendous Samarco mining disaster in Brazil, which resulted in the death of 19 people, the displacement of hundreds and the halting of water supply to 260 000 in what has been condemned as an "environmental catastrophe" 

African Mining Vision, Zambezi Protocol taking centre stage as South African mining companies espouse new insights

By: Martin Creamer     28th October 2016 Chamber of Mines of South Africa VP Neal Froneman has raised the Africa Mining Vision, Zambesi Protocol and possible Mining Truth and Reconciliation Commission as a means to ending the mining crisis in South Africa and the continent. 

Engendering trust among mining sector stakeholders essential for economic growth and employment

By: Martin Creamer     14th October 2016 Sibanye Gold CEO Neal Froneman delivered a bombshell speech at the Joburg Indaba, which would change the face of economic prospects on the African content with mining as the catalyst 

Gold discovery lagging badly with little hope of catch-up

By: Martin Creamer     7th October 2016 Gold is being discovered at a fraction of the rate needed to replenish reserves. 

Fall-of-ground accident study, commodity improvement, local continuous miner debuts

By: Martin Creamer     30th September 2016 Risk-based support design methodology is being imparted to rock engineering practitioners in the platinum sector; a better commodity environment is being discerned; and a new local continuous miner for trhe coal industry is being introduced. 

Mine land, water should be used for community development through agriculture

By: Martin Creamer     23rd September 2016 The calls made for mine land and mine water to be used for community development through agriculture need to be heeded. 

Sparing mine heritage sites has payoff potential for the South African economy

By: Martin Creamer     16th September 2016 Johannesburg should do more to flaunt its gold heritage, which will be good for South AFrica's tourist economy and also boost mining's battered image. 

Modernisation of South Africa’s mines crucial to extending precious metals mining

By: Martin Creamer     9th September 2016 That South Africa’s deep precious-metals mining methods have to change is now being spoken from the rooftops. The CSIR’s May Hermanus last week set out a scenario of platinum and gold mining having very short life horizons without the introduction of continuous mining. 

Supply beginning to tighten, safety dominating mining, top Electra Mining forums

By: Martin Creamer     2nd September 2016 Glencore beleive that tightening supply should bode well for commodity prices; safety trumps profits at Sibanye presentation; high-impact forums are on offer at this month's Electra Mining Africa show  

Gold road ahead, ‘capture’ concerns, technology needed

By: Martin Creamer     26th August 2016 Gold Fields CEO Nick Holland concerned about decline in exploration spend; application of Section 54 safety notices queried; and the development of new mining equipment progressing.  

Constitutional Court decision placing new spotlight on pending mining legislation

By: Martin Creamer     19th August 2016 Fresh emphasisis is being placed on the need for considerably more discussion on pending legal matters crucial to mining. 

Mine community money, chrome price outlook, corporate patriotism

By: Martin Creamer     12th August 2016 Steps must be taken to ensure that mine royalty proceeds are not squandered; the lift in the fortunes of the chrome value chain spell good news for the South African deconomy; and the corporate patriotism being shown by a top gold mining company needs to be emulated 

Important fuel cell data, reckless iron-ore output, Unctad’s false allegations

By: Martin Creamer     5th August 2016 New enlightening information on platinum group metal use in hybrid electric cars; what a mess the giants have made of the iron-ore industry; and Unctad needs to correct its false report on South African underinvoicing. 

AngloGold breaking into profit, Gold Fields moving forward, DRDGold market cap well up

By: Martin Creamer     29th July 2016 Gold mining companies that were in the red are moving quickly into the black, with some seeing a deficit of physical gold on the horizon. 

Taxman muddies water on eve of Davis Committee’s expected royalty reform

By: Martin Creamer     22nd July 2016 The new Taxation Laws Amendment Bill contains two surprise amendments that muddy the mineral royalty taxation waters just as clarity was beckoning. 

Gabon’s mining education move, Sibanye supporting education, new mining research thrust

By: Martin Creamer     15th July 2016 Strong support for mining education is under way as mining research and development gain new momentum locally. 

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