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Martin Creamer

Martin Creamer

Martin Creamer is Creamer Media Publishing Editor of Engineering News and Mining Weekly.

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Regulatory hiatus causing even friendly major miners to back off exploration

By: Martin Creamer     3rd August 2018 Exploration is vital to keep mining going and although Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe has expressed concern about many mine shafts being put on care and maintenance, Minerals Council South Africa is correct to point out that the real setback for the future sustainability of the South... 

South Africa lacks funding for capital-intensive mining, needs to encourage foreign investment

By: Martin Creamer     27th July 2018 The South African mining industry is huge and contributes immensely to the balance of payments through exportation, but it could never have got off the ground without foreign investment. Even when South Africa’s savings was considerably bigger than it is now and even before banks stepped back... 

South African people can benefit from innovative approach to junior mining promotion

By: Martin Creamer     20th July 2018 Junior mining is being considered as a special case by the powers that be, who are advocating an approach of juniors making special representations, which sounds like the authorities have run out of their own ideas. Certainly, junior mining is not going to get off the ground if it has to bear the... 

Cooperation needed to fill Africa’s trillion-dollar infrastructure gap

By: Martin Creamer     13th July 2018 The Global Infrastructure Hub, a G20 initiative, calculates the infrastructure gap in ten of its ‘Compact with Africa’ countries to be $1-trillion in over the next 22 years, representing a 42% investment gap, which the global organisation describes as being one of the world’s largest regional gaps. 

Lesson for South Africa from Australia’s less endowed Queensland state

By: Martin Creamer     6th July 2018 South Africa could do well to follow the path Australia's Queensland state has taken to create mining jobs. 

South Africa’s secretive DMR needs to subject itself to transparency evaluation, set reform priorities

By: Martin Creamer     29th June 2018 The Department of Mineral Resources needs to subject itself to an impartial transparency evaluation to identify its vulnerabilities – and the past period has shown that there are indeed very many – and to set reform priorities. 

China kindling hope of accelerated use of platinum fuel cells to clean world’s air

By: Martin Creamer     22nd June 2018 The corridors of mining power are abuzz with reports of quick steps being taken by China to introduce platinum-catalysed hydrogen fuel cells at scale. Heavy fuel cell vehicles are being rapidly produced and the necessary hydrogen filling-station infrastructure provided, stimulated by 100%... 

Junior miners fund needs to be given momentum that only foreign direct investment can provide

By: Martin Creamer     15th June 2018 It is wonderful news that the Department of Mineral Resources is at last acknowledging the important of junior mining promotion by announcing its intention to create a junior miners fund for emerging black startups of greenfield exploration projects. But what has still to be acknowledged is that... 

Global view of clean air as a human right highlighting need for clean coal, emissions-destroying platinum

By: Martin Creamer     8th June 2018 Globally, clean air is being seen as a human right, even in dictatorial parts of the world, which has seen vigorous public protest against air pollution that damages health. People of the world are demanding that air ceases to contain particles that penetrate their lungs and causes illness, with... 

Chamber rebrand as Minerals Council South Africa establishes valuable ‘reboot’ opportunity for South Africa’s most important industry

By: Martin Creamer     1st June 2018 The introduction of the Minerals Council South Africa provides the struggling South African mining industry with a chance to establish an important new beginning. Proper leadership has the potential to set South Africa on an upward course under the growing realisation that if the country... 

Decline in skills essential for deep underground safety requiring intense management vigilance

By: Martin Creamer     25th May 2018 Mining executives with decades of experience are finding that certification qualifying individuals for management positions in deep underground mines do not necessarily have know-how that ensures underground safety. Top mining executives Mining Weekly has communicated with of late are putting new... 

South African mining is obliged to negotiate the many turning points and deciding moments confronting it with courage and care

By: Martin Creamer     18th May 2018 Major turning points and crucial deciding moments continue to confront the South African mining industry, which can no longer flinch from negotiate them with fortitude and fairness. The industry has reached a point of being obliged to look long and to act strong when it comes to doing what is... 

Too little mining sunrise in sight as chug-along approach predominates

By: Martin Creamer     11th May 2018 The State of the Nation address referred to the sunrise potential of South Africa’s mining industry, but one still cannot see the required beams of light penetrating the darkness. A somnambulant, chug-along approach is predominating, despite the widespread acknowledgement that mining can drive... 

Prospects of quick mining fix fade as court case mindset refuses to go away

By: Martin Creamer     4th May 2018 South Africa is committed to turning its mining industry into a ‘sunrise’ industry, but regrettably dark shadows keep eclipsing the brighter light from blazing through. One imagined that the court case era passed when the Chamber of Mines won its case against mining companies having to provide... 

Inspiring new Mandela Mining Precinct bringing everyone to the table to focus on the crisis facing South African mining

By: Martin Creamer     27th April 2018 In this the centenary year of the birth of the great Nelson Mandela, ‘minds for mines’ are being put to work at the inspiring new Mandela Mining Precinct in Carlow Road, Johannesburg, which is going all out to revitalise and modernise South Africa’s high-potential but struggling mining industry.... 

Promise of Vision 2030 for mining new breath of fresh air

By: Martin Creamer     20th April 2018 The announcement by the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) that it is engaged in the development of a Vision 2030 for mining is a positive step in the right direction after years of short-term pussyfooting by a department that had fallen behind those of competitive mining jurisdictions in... 

Ultra-intensive investigation needed to expose intentions of brutal Modikwa killers

By: Martin Creamer     13th April 2018 Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe has correctly called on police to pull out all the stops in their investigation of the horrific killing of six mineworkers and the injuring of 44 others on April 2, when the bus in which 50 Modikwa Platinum Mine employees were travelling was brutally... 

Still no word from Mantashe on vital exploration promotion

By: Martin Creamer     6th April 2018 There is still no word from new Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe on the promotion of a vital, but still a totally missing element of South Africa’s mining future – exploration. The minerals sector can be restructured but only sustainably if exploration is included, a point which has been... 

Bewilderment as retention of some Mining Charter III tenets surprises on the downside

By: Martin Creamer     30th March 2018 Confidence that a competitive new Mining Charter will replace the unworkable Mining Charter III is still present in some of the highest echelons of the corporate mining world, despite new Minerals Minister Gwede Mantashe saying that not all of the charter’s generally errant and unworkable third... 

Mining companies stepping firmly into the new world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

By: Martin Creamer     23rd March 2018 Mining companies are taking technology advances seriously. Two have stepped firmly into the world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and another two have set targets and made proposals that reflect to the credit of the industry.  

The auto world needs to acknowledge that platinum is the ideal metal to exorcise the demons out of diesel

By: Martin Creamer     16th March 2018 Platinum and diesel engines have been joined at the hip, which has created wonderful demand for the locally mined product over decades - and then all hell broke loose when the Volkswagen emission scandal broke in 2015. Since then, diesel has been progressively demonised, to the point of a German... 

Intense effort needed to foster junior culture that revives and transforms mining

By: Martin Creamer     9th March 2018 Government should heed the six-point plan to revive and transform mining; government and labour should see to the structural change that is needed to keep labour-intensive mining on the go; and the 'harvesting ' of mine shafts shows how difficult it is to mine profitably in deep underground... 

Revival hopes are rising as ‘green shoots’ appear, ‘send me’ pleas sound and ‘I want to lend a hand’ sentiment spreads

By: Martin Creamer     2nd March 2018 South Africa is quickly becoming reborn as an investment destination. Spirits are high, revival hopes are rising, green shoots are appearing and people are asking what they can do to help. The late Hugh Masekela’s ‘Send Me’ melody with which President Cyril Ramaphosa signed off his stunning State... 

Sense of urgency needed to revive South Africa’s mining industry, condemn evil past in strongest terms

By: Martin Creamer     23rd February 2018 A sense of urgency is needed to pull South Africa's mining industry back from the brink, set it on a course to success and for the industry to be scathing about condemning its evil past in the strongest of terms. The country has fallen badly behind other mining jurisdictions and the strong... 

Golden opportunity, urgent logistics call, platinum to the fore

By: Martin Creamer     16th February 2018 South Africa has an opportnity in gold, investment to revitalise rail and port infrastructure is seen as urgent, there is a strong prediction that the fuel cell will outdo electric vehicles 

Energy from old mines, partnering communities, exploration awakening

By: Martin Creamer     9th February 2018 Abandoned mines sites can be used as pumped-storage powr schemes; a partnership approach can improve vital relations between mines and communities; and te exploration awakening is pleasing. 

Mining’s ‘flight of rebirth’ urgent, promotion of exploration essential

By: Martin Creamer     2nd February 2018 South African mining industry is in urgent need of a ‘flight of rebirth’. It is buckled and bent and made up of weakened growth prospects, with none of the cut and thrust of rival mining jurisdictions like Australia and Canada. 

Uneconomic mining hurts host countries, wastes national patrimony, lengthens price gloom

By: Martin Creamer     26th January 2018 Continuing to extract metals and minerals when the prices fetched for them are below break-even is contentious. Mining companies are granted rights by host governments who expect them to use what is a national patrimony optimally. 

Good mining policy can bring growth and transformation to a South African economy in need of positive new direction

By: Martin Creamer     19th January 2018 South African mining could experience the same recovery under way in most other mining jurisdictions relatively quickly because its lagging relates overwhelmingly to injurious policy and not to the absence of inherent physical potential. If South Africa’s political leadership delivers... 

South Africa must find ways of resurrecting its most important industry

By: Martin Creamer     15th December 2017 South Africa is obsessed with trying to prolong its old mining assets without setting out determinedly to replace them with new ones. 

Let’s all hold thumbs that the correct new South African leadership emerges in the weeks ahead

By: Martin Creamer     8th December 2017 I happen to call at the same State-owned building weekly and I became very disturbed at one stage at the state of disrepair of its infrastructure and the complete absence of upkeep. Then, just as I was beginning to assume that the escalators had come to a permanent halt and that clean towels... 

Southern Africa’s citizens must stand up for themselves to make sure that the region does not lose out on the next mining boom

By: Martin Creamer     1st December 2017 The citizens of the Southern African region are at last beginning to stand for themselves. Three decades of bullying is abating in Zimbabwe, resistance is building up against the pathetic performance of the government of South Africa and forces are at work to bring an errant government into line... 

Rally behind Ramaphosa’s inspiring ‘New Deal’ speech

By: Martin Creamer     24th November 2017 Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa made several crucial points in his highly significant ‘New Deal’ speech in Soweto last week. Delivered only week’s away from the important 54th National Conference of the African National Congress, the 'New Deal' speech has all the hallmarks of a blueprint for the... 

Holding thumbs for growth-positive High Court outcomes that will keep credit ratings agencies at bay

By: Martin Creamer     17th November 2017 South Africa is in desperate need of economic growth and the sector that can provide that growth, if unfettered, is mining. Make mining competitive, inclusive and transformative and it will deliver an economic momentum across its many economic linkages and float all boats. 

Illegal mining, illegal strikes take massive jobs toll at Cooke gold mine on West Rand

By: Martin Creamer     10th November 2017 The Cooke lesson must be taken to heart and South Africans should stand together to ensure that there is no recurrence of the needless job destruction that has taken place at the West Rand gold mine, where public statements about the dangers of illegal mining were made repeatedly, but the... 

South Africans slow off the mark on the exploration front, where outsiders valiantly lead the way

By: Martin Creamer     3rd November 2017 South Africans have tried to develop a junior mining exploration culture several times over but have not been able to come anywhere close to the aplomb of other mining jurisdictions that have a far stronger geological appetite. The many junior mining companies listed in Canada, Australia and on... 

Without exploration for new orebodies, South African mining will end its invaluable contribution to the South African economy

By: Martin Creamer     27th October 2017 South Africa needs to pretend it is starting again at the bottom end of the mineral resources value curve and create a vision for exploration. Without exploration, it is just a matter of time before the mining lights go out. 

A century and a half later, major mining opportunities continue to beckon

By: Martin Creamer     20th October 2017 With this year marking the 150th anniversary of South Africa’s diamond business, one would imagine that the country has been completely explored and that the country should be looking to an end being brought to this pioneering industry. But this is not so. In an interview with Mining Weekly, the... 

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