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SA HIPPO submersible slurry pump enters the USA steel manufacturing market.

TIMKEN Steel’s Continuous Vertical Bloom Caster
TIMKEN Steel - High performance seamless steel tubing
The HIPPO Medium/High Voltage Submersible Slurry Pump® specially designed and developed for TIMKEN Steel in Ohio, USA

After participating in the CIM 2018 held in Vancouver, Canada, HAZLETON PUMPS was requested to visit one of the largest steel manufacturers in Ohio, USA; being Timken Steel.

Timken Steel applies their metallurgical and production expertise to manufacture high-performance seamless mechanical tube products to meet customers’ needs. This includes carbon, alloy and even custom steel grades; annealed, normalized and tempered; stress relieved and stress free. Tubes in various sizes can be purchased, recommended to clean up at finished part dimensions, which allows for optimum material utilization.

The state-of-the-art caster gives TIMKEN Steel yet another advanced equipment capability, which helps to create the answers to customers’ toughest engineering challenges. They produce seamless mechanical steel tubing close to the finished part size required, which makes it very competitive compared to other forging or machining processes. The caster is the biggest continuous vertical bloom caster in the world and the only one of its kind in North America.

TIMKEN STEEL had previously been using long shaft vertical spindle pumps and the main problem with the use of these vertical spindle pump was the high repair cost, especially when the bearings failed, therefore TIMKEN STEEL has decided to purchase the HIPPO Medium/High Voltage Submersible Slurry pump® to replace the long shaft vertical spindle pumps.

On evaluating the reason for using vertical spindle pump was that there was no reliable submersible pump available. With the proven reliability of the HIPPO Medium/High Voltage Submersible Slurry pump® TIMKEN STEEL decided to replace one of the vertical spindle with a HIPPO Medium/High Voltage Submersible Slurry pump.

Incorporating the on-site mechanical seal replacement system where the user can replace the mechanical seal on-site as well the high efficiency led to a low total cost of ownership which made it easier for HAZLETON PUMPS to convince TIMKEN STEEL to purchase the HIPPO Medium/High Voltage Submersible Slurry pump®.

TIMKEN STEEL has indicated that should the HIPPO Medium/High Voltage Submersible Slurry pump® prove to be reliable, all the vertical spindle pumps would be replaced.

The pump had been dispatched by ocean freight and is due to arrive in Cleveland on 11 November 2018 when it will be installed and commissioned immediately.